Iceland wins Eurovision 2020

Well actually seeing Australia was the only one to vote not quite but still YAY Iceland

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Not bad, but I like last year’s entry better.

I’m just sad I couldn’t see them at Fanfest :frowning:


I see I lost nothing.

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Huh, that totally slipped out from my mind. Maybe a couple times I thought “huh, wasn’t Eurovision song cotnest held around springtime?” but didn’t look for it.

The Sapnish public television (TVE) held a online contest and other than the oddity that Spain “won” since it was allowed to vote your own country, Greece was second and Lithuania third. Iceland was sixth.

I liked their last year’s song better. And the video reminded me of this:

Thats how you really creep out.

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Must remember that song to link next time some one is bumping my miner :wink:

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