[ICHAP] Renuiphoria YC 124 announcement

To mark Renuiphoria this year, in the spirit of divine Renuit’s cooperation and flexibility, ICHAP is pleased to announce a change to our traditional denomination of appellations of origin (AOCs). This change is intended to accommodate the possibility of sparkling wines produced beyond our 18 recognized terroirs being elevated to the status of champagne.

We passionately believe that people across New Eden have a fundamental right to an authentic champagne experience and we are working to support a number of sparkling wine producers outside the Federation in their efforts to improve. Aspirants to AOC status are expected to demonstrate not only adherence to our technical standards for viticulture and oenology but also a positive assessment of the human cultural element involved, which provides the soul of any terroir worthy of the prestige attached to an AOC denomination.

In anticipation of new champagne terroirs being awarded AOC status, ICHAP has created a new denomination, AOC Superieure, which will henceforth be applied to our existing 18 terroirs in recognition of their cherished position at the apex of humanity’s patrimonial firmament.

ICHAP is proud to be collaborating with its longstanding and new partners both within and beyond the Federation and wishes Renuit’s blessings upon all IGS readers at this sacred time.

Institute of Champagne Appellations
Place de Renuit, Caille

Délivrance par la culture


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