Idea: Another Tech I Mining Frigate for Alphas

Why dude

The Alpha (non-paying don’t forget) role in eve is as a consumer, not a producer, which is why alphas are heavily resricted on mining, industry, no PI etc. So the limit of Venture only makes sense.

If alphas fleet together with a Miasmos/MTU/cans they can boost their yield a little (less warps to station) and experience some part of mining fleet ops without having to have an omega present. But as we know alphas very seldom self-organise.

So rather than a change in alpha mining ships I would like to see some minor yield boost abilty added to the miasmos or other haulers just for ventures. The extra yield would be small but it would give alphas an incentive to fleet up which is much more likely to aid alpha retention and get them to sub in time.

Overall, alphas are generally abandoned after the career agents and I would like to see CCP/ISD fill in the gap somehow between career agents and joining a corp, give them the option of experiencing all fleet ops before they decide on their path and look for a suitable corp.

Alphas can already fleet up with Omegas. All they have to do is ask. I give out free boosts and fleet invites all the time…

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But mostly they don’t ask. I’ve helped run fleets in rookie systems with some success but it’s tough going when they don’t trust anyone. When they have joined fleet then they benefit from discussing other playstyles, but you gotta get them to join first.

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Well an the easiest for alpha to become producers is to have another mining ship, like a barge is a good step if you think about it and it would really challenge any Omegas, because unless they sell the raw ore, they have ,massive restrictions, such as worse reprocessing skills, and a higher cost when you build, also alphas produce less/make less m3 per hour, because we don’t have the skills for that aswell. Alphas would become secondary producers and not just consumers, and most alphas actually stay in high sec and barely go to null or low, I do but many don’t. So like making the retriever, wich makes the smallest amount of m3 in an hour would also make more people join the game and after a while they will upgrade to omega if they like the game and have greater goals that just being a secondary producer.

Not all Omegas Pay though for the game by buying the time or plex with real money. Some of them buy the plex provided by other players, so of course the other person payed, but the whole point of an alpha is to experience the game, or be a secondary player

What please tell me, gas mining is what I do but at the moment the gas is sold relatively cheap, exploration is very risky if you have a good ship and is very random, ratting is only worth it in null-sec. Not everyone is into PVP. After all, I play this game to have fun and not to follow restrictions, all we are asking for is just another mining ship, that would be like the next step for alphas.

Alphas should not be producers, extra tax and skill limitations mean that Alphas would be ineffective in this role. Try production if you want. Same with mining.

The next step for Alphas is getting Omega.

No, alphas are not producers for good reason and it should stay that way.

An alpha can do enough to try out the playstyle and decide if they want to continue, if they do the correct path is to sub to omega or save up and plex for a month.

All Alphas are asking for is a better ship, for minig that has a ore hold and is in from the Ore faction. the venture is great, but you cant make enough isk buy doing that to upgrade to omega

Which is intended.
After all, Level 4 missions are also unavailable for Alphas.

Since Rokh has yeld only lower than (t1 strip miner’s) covetor. I guess you min/max wrong.
You can take your venture and ninja mine moons in lowsec for better income. If you really have to play solo.
I’m gonna mention gas. Because I can…
I made my omega in 1 day old, straight after career agents algos. Doing exploration in hisec.

Think more, cry less. Opportunities are there. You just must not follow the crowd.

I actually came back to EVE first day alpha and omega went live. Made my omega before one month old doing missions and living solo in WH. With gnosis. Biggest ship alpha could fly at that time.

Alpha players are more cancerous to EVE and economy than bots in null. You give them finger and they will take whole hand, crying for more.


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