Idea for a new Epic Arc

I thought could be a good idea to have another epic arc like SOE, but for battleships. The back story could be the second (or another if the second invasion will happen eventually) trig invasion. Like Edencom intelligence send us to investigate some suspicious activity, and it would be turn into a huge mission chain with treachery, surprise allies etc. And the mission could go around in highsec, with some unique reward at the end, probably related to Triglavian or Edencom, or make it optional like it would depend which story line we choose at a given time.

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You know about these:

Yes. And even run them. As the title say, new idea for epic arc.
There is no other arcs like SOE for advanced pilots. The trig invasion forced the four empire to unite their forces, and establish Edencom. So the background given. It could be a drive around arc, with many parties involved, good or bad… could fight against trigs too, and who knows the Jovian could interfere too. So it could be a very versatile arc.

Sorry but there will be no more epic arc’s created. I believe each and every part of those missions had to be manually positioned, that means they are far too labour intensive for CCP to re-visit.

Same reason that we don’t get any new normal missions.

Simply not going to happen until CCP figure out procedural generation.

Well… It doesnt sounds very promising.
Anyway, thanks for the reply guys!

Don’t place much stock on what other players say, they don’t work for CCP and have no knowledge of what CCP can or can’t do.

Personally I think having a new Epic Arc added to the game is a great idea. Making it for Edencom would definitely fit with the current timeline. Could even include option part way through it to switch sides and complete it for Triglavian.

However since we already have level 4 Epic Arcs created for Battleships, I think making the arc for Cruiser size hulls would be better.

As for Pirate Factions, currently we have level 3 Epic Arcs for Angel and Guristas. The level 4 Amarr Epic Arc gives option to complete it for Sansha and the level 4 Gallente Epic Arc gives option to complete it for The Syndicate.

That leaves Blood Raiders and Serpentis Pirate Factions with no Epic Arc. I think new level 3 Epic Arcs should be created for them. Also should include one for Thukker.

Personally I think there should also be an Epic Arc created for Concord, currently players can easily lose standing with them and have no option to gain standing.

FYI - threads like this should be placed in the Player Features and Ideas sub-forum.

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