Idea for a new role/function for T2/T3 BS sized hull

Hi all,

T3 hulls are known for their versatility. But how can you introduce the same kind of versatility to a BS without impacting the roles of the current T3 ship hulls?

The new functionality that would be introduced is the ability to launch and fly T2 frigates from the “Frigate Bay” and leave the BS in a “Sentry Drone” state and only re-dockable by the pilot.

As a sentry drone it would be controlled as if it was a drone, but it would use all of its active modules while it was sentried. I would say keep it about 75% the damage potential of a T1 BS (say 6-900 dps)

To keep things a bit on the more manageable side, these BS’s which effectively become drones wouldn’t have drone bays.

This introduces the ability to “DUAL” role a BS at the same time, while introducing risk (much more difficult to escape an engagement)

but the secondary role performed by the T2/T1 frigate might be worth it.

It would allow new gameplay through role combo like Ninja Miner, but you have a decent tank/dps on the BS to help with spawns.

What are ya’ll thoughts on how to implement T3 BS hulls? (This could be considered a new Dual role T2 hull as well)

I was going to just let this thread die, but I can’t get this idea out of my head.

Put a bomber, logi, ceptor, af, cov ops, expedition, or pirate hulls into the frigate bay.

Maybe allow for a 2nd frigate bay for more gameplay options.

They can help with eWar, Tank, Tackle DPS, explorating, mining and more.

This puts a BS sized hull as having the flexibility of T3 hull’s but this doesn’t replace them.

Risk is greater because you are locked on grid longer and have multiple ships to lose.

But convenience and options of being able to fly 2 ships at once is a pretty good balance.

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