Idea for New Alien logistic ship

Perhaps a new alien race like triglavians but is peaceful in nature but also defensive, like triglavians the ship comes in frigate, cruiser and battleship, this line would be tier 1 ships

When repairing others and itself, the ship comes togethor and “shells up”

When defending itself it opens up, i imagine it to be diamond shape with a circle core that opens and closes around the core depending on what mode it is in.

The ship has a singular ray that can repair armor, shields and hull… but on the downside it does not have the range of other logistics, however you can survive / self repair better in the repair mode at close range with other ships in pvp / and mission running.

Triglavians are human.


I was abducted by triglavians.


Buff Triglavians, balance the remainder of the ships - then introduce Drifters and ancient Jove.

Triglavians are more like a spider luring you in with their fake human uniforms. They are going to feed on your soul and fluids.

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