Idea for Resource Wars Improvement

After creating an Alpha character and trying out Resource Wars, I noticed there are a couple of improvements that should be made

1.) Communication System:: I think people would get more engaged if Resource Wars was setup similar to how FW currently is. People would be able to join one of the 4 RW corporations and hop in a channel with other people who also interested in running these sites. People would would be able to put up fleets and create P2P experience for people looking to be in high sec for the time being.

2.) Rewards:: Get rid of the current ship and fit kits. Instead, provide more tradable skins, mining boosters, faction mining crystals, faction ammo, and more ISK. Also, maybe general LP that would act like Concord LP but could only be converted to your faction’s corporations.

These are just a couple ideas that I wanted to share with the community.

Number 2 I am not sure of. It depends partially on CCP’s goal and if the resource wars are… Well… Meant as such an isk making opportunity or just a getting started.

As for 1… This is EVE, so why not make the content you want. Start a Chat room using in game tools for each faction. Get help in the form of moderators. Add in ample advertising on the forum, redit, and other venues. Maybe create a website and back story. Then run with it.

This post is a suggestion on how to improve RW for everyone looking to participate and not my own personal content.

Make the skins permanent, and tradeable, and for more ships so there’s incentive to do it.

Add unique factional clothing with unique assets.

(NOT palette swaps of the same jacket to be red blue green or yellow. That is not faction clothing, I want unique clothing for caldari, gallente, amarr, and minmatar. Like in character customization. Different styles for different races. No one wants a dumb jacket thats been turned from Green to blue or blue to green. Make an entirely different set of clothing)

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I was thinking ships would be cool too but thought I would stick with the faction LP.

Mining Drugs.

I’m not sure if that’s the best or worst idea I’ve seen. It genuinely could be either. I’m against adding faction mining crystals, and faction ammo, because those will undermine the existing economy that players have set up. Consumable mining drugs - on the other hand - don’t have that side-effect.

Eve has a dedicated channel for Incursions.

It’s not used.

Players made their own channels for Incursions.

Those are used.

Making your own channels isn’t a bad idea. You have the freedom and flexibility to change and update it when you think of your own improvements.

Thanks for your reply Pickle! That is a very good point to make. However, I feel that it might be more successful in RW. At least far better than the current chat window used in RW.

I think you’re missing the overall goal for Resource Wars, and that is to provide something to do for High Sec Miners, instead of rather boring and low paying belt mining.

Case in point, I am able to multi box my three mining characters and complete level 5 RW sites in about 11 to 12 minutes and comfortably do 4 per hour including travel. Each character makes 24m ISK per hour plus 8k LP (which I’ve been getting about 1500 ISK per LP atm). Compare this to around 14m ISK per hour per character just mining belts, all things considered.

It’s not about getting together with random pickup groups (although, I’ve seen a couple ventures running around here and there), it’s more about solo players with 3 or 4 mining characters actually being able to play with them as miners instead of retraining for security missions. I think it’s a great add for PVE and enjoy the content.

I personally don’t spend the LP anymore though, hoping they will actually get decent items to buy in their worthless LP store. I think the only reason I sold the over priced Items I put on contract was due to the novelty of the skin and that hardly anyone is running the sites.

When I was running them in Minmitar space, it seemed that there were quite a few running lvl 1 & 2. It would cool to see some numbers on how many sites have been completed for each of the four factions.

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