[IDEA] Name Change Certificate

…is not the same as this:

My bolds.

I just don’t think that is ever going to be good enough for those concerned with these cosmetic things. “Almost” rarely is.

I think i lost you somewhere. :smiley:
But that’s a good idea : being able to save a character “DNA” to paste it for new character.

That would be an argument in favor of my idea : Not being able to change the name of my character, would “force” me, if i had the ISK, to biomass and create a new one to who i would inject skills until it has the same amount of skill points, with the right name… but…, without the same cosmetic. :frowning:

Did i got you there ? :smiley:

What about those that “experienced” name change in another game and had 0 issue with that ?

Do you think that YOUR “experience” should be the basis of what CCP should developp in Eve Online played by some other 30k players ?

Do you think that, because it may “erase” the reputation of 1% players, the other 99% should not be given the option to change their name ?

How can you tell that it erases a reputation when any other character among the 30k-ish players you may come across with while playing may have a reputation you’re not aware of ?
How would you react if that’s the case ?
Crying out loud : “Hey ! I don’t know you ! You have no rights to interact with me ! Go off !” ?
Or acting cautiously pre-emptivly ? Until you get more information about that guy ? And change your behaviour accordingly ?
Or do you know every single Eve Online players and their reputation ?
Or are you some kind of ermite, so afraid of social interactions, that you rather play alone hidden somewhere farming ISK all day ?

What kind of unintended and unforseen consequences Name Change Certificate would bring in the game ?
Are you that allmighty that you can see them ?
Do you think that because we cannot forseen those consequences, nothing should ever be changed ?

Do you think that things in general should not change because we cannot see the future of those changes ?
Do you want to be immortal ?

Oh, believe me. I like your idea. I just don’t want to see it abused.

Nothing you have said is inherently “bad”. Its just some players.

But yes, actually being able to transfer the exact face would be a great thing.

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Personally, I think they should implement a name change option, but I would do two things:

  • 1: have former names in the character sheet to view.
  • 2: at downtime, when the name change is implemented, send a mail to all that have a contact set for that character with the new name change, thus informing of the new name. By doing it at downtime, this should avoid spammy mails during major fights as well.

All this mail would need to say is something along the lines of “Playername A” is now known as “Playername B”. and that your standings have been automatically updated, then link to the service faq.

This is a good suggestion.

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These suggestions are in the original post, yep :slight_smile:

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this is literally the only quote you need to close this damn Name Change discussion and bring the damn feature in the game already. its mindblowing that there isnt a Name changing feature in the game yet at all.

the whole “choices have consequences” argument is obsolete now anyway. there is literally no good reason to not implement name changes in EVE.

+1 to you and salt.


Yeah +1
EVE is a game people spend their leisure time on, for the most part, being able to adjust your identity or “call sign” should not include spending (over 1000$) of real-life money on.
Having an identifier, a unique number, and also a somewhat limited option
to somehow/sometimes change “call sign” isn’t “game-breaking” in any way.

Sure, friendly as well as unfriendly “memories” could be lost in the transition, but it’s a call sign, and not the social security number that is changing.
So it can only really add player satisification.

And also adds player dissatisfaction, as I’ve explained multiple times in this thread.

I understand there are pros to changing names, but there are cons too and some people seem to just ignore that.

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as explained multiple times in this thread… NO.
those cons are just in your head, they don’t exist in reality.

or… sorry, I’m wrong, the truth is;
they were introduced with plex market, skill injectors/extractors, character bazzzar, and alt accounts

someone just had to pay a lot of isk/RL$ for it, and there are no limitations or ways to track the identity of those players.
In a nutshell, what you describing as cons would go away with a re-name certificate

We don’t ignore that, we are just saying that those cons are irrelevant considering multiple arguments explained here, as the already existing means to “erase one’s reputation” that are way easier than a Name Change Certificate.

Your old point of view about what is Eve Online is no more.
It is 2021, old MMOs are dead, it is now time to wake up.

Character Bazard, Skill Injectors, Alpha/Omega Clone State, Casino-like feature, Random loot-like feature, Character renting feature are all features that make your mono-maniacal argument about reputation obsolete.

It still is hard and expensive to start all over with a new name. And that’s how it should be, as reputation and consequences are supposed to mean something in EVE.

You are right that erasing a name is possible these days with injectors. Luckily that is expensive enough not to be an easy method to change names. If it were easy and cheap to change name with those methods, this thread wouldn’t exist.

I’m not asking that changing a name should be impossible. All want is that it is significantly hard or expensive enough that it rarely happens. The current situation is fine as it is.

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Hopefully that’s an online game, and not reality.

I’m not sure if you are even noticing how (language barrier here so i’m using a wierd term) : wealthy-people-narrow-minded what it is you are “asking” for is.

The current situation is not “hard or expensive”, it is “expensive period.”.

What I am asking for, is that it is wether ACTUALLY hard, or expensive…

My idea makes the thing hard by the restrictions i am suggesting.
If you think there should be more restrictions other than the amount of ISK you should spend, go ahead please.
But what you are proposing here is wether the feature not to exist at all, or to be so much expensive that bearly noone does it unless it is a “fresh toon” or not that old.

I have almost 100m SP now… i’ll let you do the maths to have an idea about how many ISK i’d have to farm to access this privilege…

But more than that, i do not want to lose my history, reputation, and whatsnot.
I do want people to know who i was and that i chose to change my name.

Even if we can’t have full name Changes, even tiny ones would be great. I signed up to this game when I was 14 and illiterate, As you can clearly see, my name is spelt incorrectly and has poor capitalisation.

Realistically, would anyone be confused if suddenly James cliford became James Clifford? I don’t think they would.

I honestly don’t think EVE’s consequences are that long-lasting for the individual anymore, it’s so easy to start again, or to have dozens of alt accounts, that you can hide from those consequences for as long as you want.

If you want to avoid consequences, a name change would only be a ■■■■ but cheap way to do it compared to skill injecting.

@Mike_Azariah or @Brisc_Rubal how do you all feel about this?

Me? I am against it. This game is about history, reputation, consequences.

But then I am also against the selling of characters for the same reasons. Just because there exists ways to avoid consequences already is NO reason to add another.

So if this comes up with CCP I always argue against it. One of these days I may lose that argument but I will argue just the same.



Not at all a fan.

Too easy for spies to manipulate, even if there’s a tracker or notification in the employment history that there was a name change.

I agree with Mike that reputation matters, and if you do bad things that impact that reputation, there shouldn’t be an easy, no consequences way of getting out of it. Having to biomass a character and start over, even with skill injectors, is a pretty significant penalty, either in real life cash or isk, and that’s the way it should be.

For every dude that started playing when he was 14 and spelled his name wrong or chose xXx420blazeitsuper1337pilotxXx as their name because of an excess of hormones, there’s a dozen more who would use it for more underhanded means, and that’s what I’m more concerned about.


Have you guys even read the prime post ?

The idea is not for this feature to be as commun as the Body Resculpt Certificate.
The idea is not to let players change their character name every morning.
The idea is not to erase the history of a character so that it can become anonymous again.
The idea is to keep track by ESI of those name changes.

Can you guys explain to me how changing a display name is “avoiding consequences” or “erasing one’s reputation” ?
Can you guys explain to me how a player, willing to “erase a reputation” would use a Name Change Certificate, rather than :

  • Using the Character Bazaar via an anonymous alt.
  • Stripping all SPs, biomassing, re-creating a fresh toon, and re-injecting SPs.
  • Or even completly stop playing.

The only real way to “erase a reputation” are those 3, not the Name Change Certificate.

Once again, the reputation argument is irrelevent for this idea.
It is NOT a meaning to erase a reputation, it only change the letters.
The character is the same, the race he chose stays the same, the faction he chose stays the same, the body he built stays the same, only if he chose not to combine it with a Body Resculpt Certificate which do not allow player to change race or faction, the corp history stays the same, the zKillboard archive stays the same, the medal he received are the same, the BIO he wrote stays the same, his NPC reputations stay the same, and so on, and so on, and so on…

That’s only a refusal in principle, there’s nothing substantial.

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but yet when we tell you why we are against it or not for it, you just want to attack and provoke and prove why you think its needed… you can’t handle that someone actually does not like the idea… so our feelings on the matter are irrelevant to you… ok…

Well, i’m sorry but they are irrelevent 200%.

Changing letters of a display name is not erasing a reputation.
Biomassing and reinjecting, or trading toons are.

The first keeps the toon, the latters are completely new characters…