[IDEA] Name Change Certificate

History is important.

But it does affect what the player knows in his head about a character.
In the heat of the moment when a red-standing is flying towards you, there is no time to review notes or character profile Name-History tabs.

I posted this in another thread making the same proposal…

The players recognition of another player cannot be maintained with a name change.

If I interact with Captain_Caldari and learn his fighting styles, how he likes to fit his ships, what he is likely to do when he interacts with me, (I have him set to Red).

Next time he lands on grid, I recognize his name, and adjust my response and playstyle to counter what i know about him.

Changing his name would remove the information that I have build up about him. If he was now called Bob_Smith and arrived on grid, (ok he would still be Red) but I have no idea how to react to him.

There is not time in this situation to access his profile, navigate the the Name History tab, and review name changes on the offchance that I recognize one of his previous names.

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@ISD_Buldath, @ISD_Fractal

Can we get the two name change threads that are active merged please.

And so, if that human player, behind his screen, decides to come at you with another toon ?

Would ask CCP to forbid reroling ?

This argument is pure BS…

This game player base is starting to make me sick with its conservatism.

Not much can be done about someone having another character.

However, I believe my argument posted above stands. A name change removes reputation from the game, unless someone takes time (that is some situations is not always available) to trawl through character information tabs.

IMHO the argument that is pure BS, is the ‘but it will make CCP more money’
If you have to sell an idea on the back of ‘its something that the game maker can charge the players for’ in an attempt to make the developers look favorably on it, then that idea is not good for the game.

Two big reasons of why i would like a name change.

  1. I trained up an alt that ended up being PVP. It gets confusing when they call out my alt.
  2. Char transfers from the Bazaar . Its not the same person, shouldn’t have the same rep.

Making CCP more money is the most legit argument you can have. It supports the developers and in turn supports the game. If EVE stops making money its all over. I’m an American and we have proven that capitalism is king. If its not a good idea they wont make money. I promise every decision CCP makes is based on either keeping current players, bringing back old players, or attracting new players to make MORE MONEY.


These sound like great reasons to remove alts and character transfers personally.
You can skill inject instead of character transfers anyway.

This is the most bizarre of all the objections.

Right now people use char transfer and 100% of the history is lost because the player who has the char is not even the same person. It is even worse than losing the information because now the person you thought was someone, is someone else.


With the new/current state of Eve, it no longer matters what name the character has.

I think the best approach is to allow name changes between characters of the same account.


A simple yet very effective solution. If a name change were to occur, treat it like a corp. HOWEVER, for players who’s already established a relationship with the player who sought for the name change would still see the OG name, with a symbol beside it, or have an email mailed to all players with the established associations to indicate the change. Like when a sex offender changes name or neighborhoods, lol. I get notified.

I for one would love a name change. For one, I’ve only been in I think 3 corps for short periods of time. Two, I was one of those idiots who just gave myself something to check out the game. As I’ve matured, I now prefer to use proper naming convention for my characters, and where allowed even in other games where names still mean something, I’ve made the change. And lastly, it honestly doesn’t matter what people think when it comes to whether someone can change a name. It comes down to the devs.

So, there’s always going to be some jack… who’s going to say no for the sake of saying no, another who just wants to prevents others for the sake of arguing, and those who do not like change.

There’s never been an excuse or explanation to not have name changes. If criminals in RL can, then all arguments are mute. And if done right, it wouldn’t matter what anyone says and all would be happy, except those who like no and arguments, lol.


Or a full skill transfer or character/skill melt. I know, injectors. Though, don’t they only limit so much? Because I seriously considered just extracting until someone said it was capped, idk.

This works only if it was the only argument.
Though, it is not.


Also the reason people bring money into this particular change is it is usually sold for cash in most games.

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I am also in this position now. In order to get to know this fast world I trained 5 chars on 3 accounts into different paths. Now after 3 years I really found my way here and want to know people who I am which doesn’t work when moving in 5 different names. So I am now collecting ISK for extracting these 5 into 2 new ones which I will give almost identical names because I want people to know it is me. But it would be so much easier if at least for one time after you found your way you can change the name. The SP I can extract ofcourse, but not the skins and my personal attachment that grew into these dudes so those I will loose but have accepted that. And my main reason is I want to do this because I want to be known, not to hide some spy or other bad guy…


You can inject in a new char, that’s true. But a char that’s brand new at 100+m sp rings a bell for everyone.
So you would have to still rely on older characters if you want to completely switch identity. Which also have a bazaar trail if you bought them there.

Only good method is to revive one of your older accounts and inject it, but, as you can see, you really need to prepare for that.

I’m saying managing to successfully change your character entirely (like say after a scam) is getting harder as you grow in influence/visibility in eve.

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If the name is TYRANNANTOR then it’s not that big of a loss.

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TYRANNATOR is actually the one I really like the most and whom I will keep​:joy::rofl:


Myself sometimes sell character in Character bazaar for that. Because my personal experiencie, as a four years veteran using much Character bazaar, i think 4b is a good deal for a name certificaye, and was already in chinese server.

For what it’s worth, I would really like this feature.

I made this character almost a decade ago and after recently returning to the game, I’m kind of emberrased about it. It’s hard for people to say and it’s too long.

At the very least I wish I could drop the last name. I thought you had to have a first and last name when I made him.


Yeah i too see no point of having this “no renaming policy”.
they say renaming is bad for “character reputation”
but, character bazzar exist, making this argument 100% illogical.

Furthermore, it tells the tale of the senior devs (who thought of this rules…)
they expect no further influx of players

  • in EVE, according to devs, all players know each other personally.

Having a rename option… can easily be made similar to “employment history”
further weakening the only argument against charachter re-nameing.