[Idea/Suggestion] Echo In Game Voice (Announcer)

Hi Dev

Sorry for what i will write funny or not word it properly but is a good idea at least for my opinion

Today i have a question and start tease people,how i can change the voice that speaks all the time to something else.I can change the theme why not the announcer?I want to listen a man talk to me or the smurf?

Some people man mostly they shut down to woman voice and don’t listen or their mind don’t oparate well listening to a woman or tell them what to do or something,this is a fact i read it somewere

Well my suggestion is obviouse

Think and let me know

Till then Fly Safe

Your Noob
Gouts PaiN


:aura: :aura: :aura:
Aura is forever. She is the one and only true voice. No other voice should be introduced to the game unless it’s the “FATALITY!” voice from Mortal Kombat whenever an epic gank occurs.

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I bet you do…

You read it somewhere…would that somewhere be the book that infidels aren’t allowed to read? Damn sexist…there’s so many derogatory things I could call you right now…it’s taking all my energy not to.

I’m about to get so much sh!t for this…not even sorry.

Really man…?

Do you have sexuall problems or something?
Google things search and see before you speak and try to make other people angry because of your false preception…

Clearly I make a fun nice suggestion you pick some thinks at your mind and procceses them to tell me that i am sexist?

So clearly you didnt undesrtant the point and the meaning ok… maybe low IQ?..over thinking? I dont jugde you like you did

But i want to unsure you that no the post not me i am sexist

And if you still angry tell what from the post annoying you to change it…and how to word it to suit to you
Give me that sh1t


Aura has the voice she needs. Now, if they were to add a male version of Aura, then that could be acceptable, and allow pilots to switch between her and the male.

Yes i didnt say the opposite…and other woman or men voices to have more options more sencuallity or aggression.

Once i was speaking with the Music Professor and he was in a quest to find why we cant always listen the music that we like?If we listen to something all the time (becams borring?) and we want to change it to soemthing else…
For exaple i listen house music…but some times i put rap or rock to listen to something else…is my way of mind i dont know (why i cant keep listening to this music that i like?) the Music Professor wasnt clear but i understout his point.

Maybe people thats why leave the game?and come back?Same universe almost the colors?same voice?Music ok change sometimes but the rythm?

I just said and Idea that make people think :smiley:

:fu: :fu: :fu:

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