Ideas and suggestion from a new player

Before i start sorry for me English , i try me best . Try to make a effort to understand .
Hi Eve universe ,all me life i have playing mmos and i have like 3 weeks of playing this game. Was very hard in the start but i learn and start to love the game because i am someone who try to min-max and search topic/info .
I watch some talk shows ( TalkingInStations and The Metashow ) and i see CCP speaking about making the game more friendly for new players and how to improve the game in general. So what is better then a new player saying his opinion :slight_smile:

  1. Plz dont add some system who can just boost new players in very short time. Is a very bad idea and i can give you me experience when i start to play FF14 . After i finish the story - have take me like 1 week - because game force you to rush the content , they give you for free sets of gear , you dont even need to learn the combos because the content was nerf so much. So after 1 week i was doing the same raids like players who was playing for like 3 years ! This make no sens … why lose so much content ( low lvl dungeons and raids ) ?? just so the players are in end game and only do the news 3 raids every week ?! Especially in a game so complex like EVE boosting players to “end game” (i know we dont have end game in EVE but i am speaking players flying titans etc) is a very bad idea. Players need to have that filling of progression of rewards of accomplishment . Watch how many players want WoW classic back.
    I remember the old good days when you see a player who have some shiny gear you know that player is same hard core , this days every player is shiny.

  2. I hear speaking about how to make the corporations more active , more wars , players need content to do.
    A good idea for this problem will be me experience in Aion. For who dont know in Aion you have Castles who you siege and your guide take control. On fix interval of time you have npc invaders who will siege your castles and you will lose control if you dont protect it . Not only this but different guilds profit of this opportunity and will also attack you.So now you have to win vs npc invaders and players guilds in the same time. This give the opportunity of small guilds to have chance vs big guilds.
    Ofc in Eve castles will be systems and the npc invaders will be the pirate from that region of space.
    This system will give a lot of opportunity and for pirates players who can now have there own space.
    This will not be a casual rat farm, this will be huge fleets of pirates with BS , Titans ,etc We are in 2020 for sure CCP can make a AI who will give a hard time even to hard core players. Just watch in Dota2 AI who destroy even the pro players.

  3. I hear a lot speaking about the new resources system and i am ok with it . But i have a suggestion .
    Eve is a space universe why you need to have the same resources int he same space all the time ? Asteroids move in space , even planets and stars ( search Rogue Planet and stars ) So why the resources most be all the time in the same space ?
    Imagine have this migration of asteroids / planets with the most rare minerals moving to a system where normally players dont care , now all are interest it about that space . Or maybe that space is control of a small/medium corporation but they build in time a lot of differences so now can protect and make bank !

This are 3 big points what CCP try to fix and this are me 5 cents :slight_smile:
If a moderator can edit the English mistakes i have made will be even better :slight_smile:

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