Ideas to improve new player experience and retention

Tell that to the traders who were fighting in 0.01 ISK increments against each other during the black-out. It was plain silly to see 29,134 mjolnir light missiles for 14.00 ISK get ganked by 43,920 for 13.99 ISK :stuck_out_tongue:

Several groups including CODE. and Privateers.
Some of the old Privateers wanted to force a FPS style on those who weren’t into it.

Of course the “apologist” will have a different, recollection. :grinning:

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Drunk drivers affect very small amount of “majority”. Does it mean they should be “tolerated”?

CONCORDs main duty is to maintain control over capsuleers. Not to protect them but to watch them and limit their effect on normal people.

As long as capsuleers having fun killing each other they don’t screw up with empires.


My two cents on this as a player who has played for about 6 months in 2010, 6 months in 2012 and has stuck my toe back in recently. This is my perspective as from my roughly year of play over the course of many years.

  1. 95% of the game is boring / slow. There is a huge issue with the pace of the game and a lot of this is due to the game being built on and retaining MMO concepts from 2003. Almost all activities can be done while watching TV other than the quick burst of concentration needed for an actual PvP encounter or when things go wrong in PvE. The biggest issue with Eve is getting into and out of content without having to spend a hour on each end. In addition to that, PvP requires farming to support PvP because PvP typically isn’t profitable, especially for big sov fights. Almost all other video games have solved this problem and they recognize that they need to players in and out of content they enjoy as easily and quickly as possible. I looked at my skills and I’m basically only logging for the first week or so to set my skills because it takes forever.

  2. There is still a fair amount of entitlement in the “play my way” or go home. The reality is for player based economies, there needs to be all kinds of players to support the game. In addition, most players have several things they like to do, so there needs to be multiple aspects of game play that appeal to all types of people. The same goes for perceived safety, some people may like having to be on their toes all the time, but others hate that style of game play and will just quit rather than putting up with it. I also find it fairly hypocritical that a fair number of the same players who complain about hi-sec carebears are now butt hurt about the black out of chat in null sec because they lost their safety net.

  3. Perception is reality. Regardless of what people say, if a players perception is X, that is what Eve is to them. The reason I quit the game the last few times is that too much of my time is spent flying point A to B and 3/4 (low, null, wormhole) of game is not accessible to me because in order to gain access, you have to be a corp in those spaces; otherwise you get shot.

Suggested fixes.

  • Highliner concept from Dune where multiple ships can pay a fee to be jumped from system X to Y. These would be hubs and with enough sov, corporations could setup their own “ports” for these huge ships to jump to and from. The jump ships would be operated by CONCORD, with “pay off” fees for those who want to use their services that have a bad standing with CONCORD.

  • New characters should start with all the skills after they leave the tutorial/skip the tutorial to fit and fly a frigate in a reasonable manner. Skill points up to X many skill points should be awarded for completing missions. As it is, players can hit a skill ceiling that discourages continued play because the skill training is based on real world time, not in game time. Since I reactivated my account, I have played 2 hours over 3 days to sort out my inventory and setup skills to train. I spent 15 minutes mining to get used to the controls, but otherwise I’m just waiting for skills to train so I can run T1 missions (yes I know I can fly them with almost no skills). If I could be rewarded with isk and skill points for completing missions until a certain point, I would be much more motivated to play.

  • There needs to something done about PLEX and multiple accounts. A lot the current issues with the game are masked by multiple accounts and being able to pay for them with in game resources. As of this post, it looks like it takes about 1.8 billion isk to buy the PLEX for one month of omega time. Running T4 missions it would take 29 hours. 4x+ Roquel mining in null takes 2 hours to earn this money, so 14 accounts can be paid for in the same time that one can be paid for by T4 mission running. If it was 14 accounts among 14 different people, that’s cool, that’s encouraged play, but 14 accounts by one person is part of what is screwing up the economy. I highly doubt CCP will do anything about this because it impacts their bottom line and as we know, money talks above everything else.

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