Idic views on capsuleers

How might Idic-minded people view capsuleers and their ability to reclone? I can imagine two almost opposite views.

They could be regarded by some as abhorrent because they fall outside the natural cycle of death and Rebirth. This leaves them disconnected to the world around them and unable to progress spiritually.

Others could see them as having the potential for great spiritual power because each clone death could be a kind of Rebirth, with cloning technology allowing them to carry forward more of their experiences than traditional Rebirthing technology.

Perhaps both opinions could exist in different groups. Perhaps others might have other opinions. Any thoughts?


The latter is something I have been tentatively exploring in RP. I see this as one of those areas which could create a schism not just within the more widely adopted Idic sects but also within more fringe communities especially those where capsuleers day to day impact is more noticeable.

I feel with the use of cloning technology within standard rebirth there might be an argument to say that capsuleer technology what with the limited memory loss and the use of clones might be considered by some the more humane option.


What the hell is Idic?

There’s a section called “Ida - The Intaki Faith” on the main Intaki lore page. You have to scroll down a bit.

It’s very likely that there’s a range of opinion on the matter.

I think the best source available is going to be the comments of Vremaja Idama, primarily from the lore article you linked yourself.

(I’m fairly sure he had said more on the topic during the live events of the time, but with the old (and older) EVE forums no longer available, it looks like that content has been lost to time. Regardless, here’s a link to an old post of mine that lists the events, in case there’s someone out there with the content who’s happy to share).

What the main Intaki article on the Lore page does say is that “In modern times, with the assistance of technology, the rebirth process has been made more certain.” but also that “many of the techniques and experiences of the Reborn have assisted the development and perfection of psyche restoration and cloning”.

That suggests that there have been some Intaki (and Idama?) who have been willing to share their knowledge and experience of Idic Rebirth, to help with the mental/psychological impact of cloning on the capsuleers who go through the process.

He does say though, that the Idama are those who are Reborn without the use of technology, so it looks like there is a cultural distinction, and so non-cloned Idama retain a position of authority/respect within traditional Intaki society. No doubt there will be some who take a more extreme view that cloning has cheapened, or otherwise sullied the idea of so-called immortality, making it more readily available to those who haven’t invested in the years of meditation and mental training required to be Reborn in the traditional Intaki/Idic ways, and so are less deserving of the benefits.

Perhaps this explains the different reputations between the majority of capsuleers who seem to operate with little regard for life, and traditional Idic Intaki who have a more holistic and thoughtful approach.

Of course, Vremaja Idama does also briefly explain Intaki morality, in that “Ida is a way of living, we do not have any beliefs in a heaven or hell, and do not take any writing or saying as “truth”. Ida is a path, but Intaki are expected to walk it themselves.”

For me, that suggests that the majority of Intaki would not necessarily be against cloning in principle, and those who had been cloned (capsuleer or otherwise) would not automatically be discriminated against or judged for what they were.


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