Intaki Lore Archive - A Thread Reborn

As the original title suggests, this thread is far from the first of its kind, bringing together as much Intaki content and lore as a single resource. In fact, an Intaki lore thread has been Reborn, across each of the EVE forums’ incarnations.

Each of those threads has highlighted Intaki lore in their own way, and so to make sure none of it was lost to history, I wanted to share links to them all here for people to rediscover.

The original - “Intaki Canonical Resources” - was started in late 2004 / YC106, for players to add and dig into the relevant in-game news and live events as they happened.

In 2006 / YC108, a player (CometQueen) ran a series of in character interview articles with some of the prominent Intaki roleplayers of the time, and the Intaki live event character from the old AURORA days, Vremaja Idama. Although these were in character, their content stands as established lore in its own right, and so I have included them here:

In 2011 / YC113, another player (Bastion Valoron) took a look at the darker side of Intaki lore, on the Backstage Forums with his thread “Intaki Shades of Gray”.

And finally, much more recently in 2016 / YC118, Tarek Raimo wrote two articles on the Intaki for Crossing Zebras: