IE11 unable to select character

Yeah, yeah, I know.
Anyway, on two different Win10 machines using IE11 when I click ‘Confirm’ after selecting the character I want absolutely nothing happens.

Earlier, I had an ad-blocker disabling scripts which led to a similar issue.

Same here at first. I had to whitelist “” in my NoScript firefox plugin.

Then selecting a character and confirming worked just fine.

I think I may have found the issue, seems like IE11 doesn’t understand the <label></label> of a form the same way as other browsers - as it’s actually not updating the form properly.

:facepalm: Why must you be like this IE11.

Will be looking into solutions for this.


There’s a bug in inline JS on character selection page preventing character selction.

-let img = $(this).find(".img-check")
+img = $(this).find(".img-check")

Yet let is allowed for IE11 (and the script itself runs perfectly as intended.)
From my investigation it appears that the issue relates to IE11 not accepting images as acceptable “clickable” content within <label></label> tags.


But I commend you for finding the style issue with del/add lines in code blocks :aura:

I have narrowed the issue down to IE11 not liking you clicking the image, but as soon as you clik the character name it’ll let you through just fine. :fedo:

Now to figure out why it’s behaving that way.

[quote=“CCP_Avalon, post:6, topic:4589”]
Yet let is allowed for IE11
[/quote]I didn’t say it was IE11. Do I need a separate post for it to be fixed?…

that’s a problem … W3C considers a LABEL a static element … and it can trigger what you want, if used right (connect it to the id of the button you want to have clicked) … IE11 sticks to the W3C rules … while other browsers go the convenience way.

Yes, that works. Really odd. IE11 keeps the mouse pointer looking like the text selector when over the character name, so it never occurred to me it was something I could click on to select a character.

Anyway, at least this workaround, although not intuitively obvious, works well. :slight_smile: ) Thanks.

Same Problem with IE11 here.

Interesting workaround, but works fine for me.

Deployed an update today that should address this issue.

Fun fact: CSS behavior in IE was causing this. :facepalm:

If you continue experiencing issues with logging in on IE11/other browsers. :aura:

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“let” is stil there. Can’t select character due to it.