If Ice Harvesters did Ice and Ore

This isn’t how the game actually works, but suppose ice harvesters harvested both ice and ore and did both at 1 unit per cycle. Would there be a lot of players mistakenly attempting to harvest ore with ice harvesters? 1 unit per cycle on a cycle longer than a minute makes sense for ice, but for ore 1 unit per cycle is pretty lousy. if you try to do it in the actual game, the game will refuse to do it, but if ice harvesters could harvest ore inefficiently, would some people fly out to the asteroid belts forgetting to refit?


People forget things or make mistakes regularly if the game allows them to do so.

People forget to repair their ships, forget to recall their drones before warping away, forget to switch out of their pods, forget to bring spare ammo, or that nanite repair paste I was sure I had put in cargo. But I forgot.

I’m sure that if the game would allow people to activate their ice harvesters on ore asteroids, someone would make the mistake of doing so and not notice until they come back and see that their yield has been incredibly low.

I’m really in favour of EVE’s gameplay without guard rails, which allows players to make mistakes and accidentally click jump instead of bridge on their Titan, simply because the potential of mistakes allows players to make those mistakes, which creates content and stories.

However, I don’t think CCP should spend developer time to change the way ice and ore harvesters work just to make it possible to very inefficiently mine ore/ice with the wrong tool. It would confuse the miners and would spawn a long discussion about why we cannot get one universal ‘mine-it-all’ module.


What is wrong with the Mobile Depots they have refit services?

The mobile depot provides capsuleers with their very own base in space. It won’t offer protection, but once deployed and activated it can allow the capsuleer to store their most valuable belongings and to refit their ship while exploring far and wide across New Eden.

All one needs to do is keep supplies inside there and nearby the mining site. When done mining the site, pack it up and move along. As stated above, I forget to refit or even grab the wrong vessel, but you should be running a base of operations within the system at the very least.

Making the common tools into a Swiss Army knife is like bumper bowling for little children.

I agree, I’m not proposing any changes. Although I think it’d be funny if ice harvesters were introduced with this feature (as in always having been this way) and then just left in.

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