If Methamorphosis is an exploration ship why can't I access abyssal event?

Trying to filament into a hacking site (Ruined Electrical Filament) while in a Metamorphosis and get the message “The filament is not compatible with current ship”. I successfully got in with a Cheetah and a Pacifier, which are not even straight exploration ships. How come?

Sounds like a bug.

Looking at the description I see

This Abyssal Filament will pull a single Exploration or Covert Ops Frigate into a pocket of Abyssal …

Which explains why T1 exploration frigates and also Cheetahs and Pacifiers as Covert Ops frigates can enter.

I guess the Metamorphosis is not properly coded as exploration frigate yet, or not properly added to the list that was used here. The Metamorphosis is a rather new frigate and also an odd one (SoCT reward, rather than one built by one of the main factions).

File a bug report and wait for it to be fixed. In the mean time, use a different ship to enter these sites.

edit: I was wrong. Thought the Metamorphosis was a Destroyer.

From the ship description. So probably just an oversight.

Hmm methamorphosis. Imma use that lol