If you have multiple jump clones

…as omega, and you drop down to alpha, what happens to them?

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Since I just started playing again;

They stay, but you cant add new ones anymore. Alpha’s can only have 1 and you have more already.
That also means you cant replace the JC you got into.

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I think the more important question is, is having sex with an alt considered as losing your virginity, or masterbation?

In general :

  • Some skills and skill levels will be disabled. You will have a limit of total skills.
  • Some ships will no longer be useable
  • Some fittings will no longer be useable
  • PI cannot export goods anymore
  • Science, Trade and Manufacturing skills are very limited

In short, you are renoobed! But you can do some basic gameplay.

  • You can only log in one Alpha Account at a time so no multiboxing.

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