If your capsuleer dies in a wormhole how does his clone know to be activated?

is there any lore explanation of how capsuleer clones work when wormhole deaths occur? In k-space I would presume your consciousness is able to traverse to a clone body via a network of communication infrastructure that already exists. However, in w-space, how would you get out and have your clone activated? Ever since I first thought of this question i cant sleep im so depressed


I always just went with some vague notion that wormhole systems are rarely more than a few wormhole connections from known space and that in some fashion the signals eventually propagated.

As an aside you used to be able to see information on corp POSes that were in wormholes as well i.e. distance and other status information - when I stopped playing you still get notifications about POSes in wormholes for various events like being under attack, etc. as well.



And here we have a good example of the problems you face when playing a game that ignores all the laws of physics and chemistry. Eve is just Harry Potter in space.

Seriously, what’s the difference between Jean Luc Picard saying “Engage” and Harry Potter waving his magic wand? It’s the same shyte.


Lorewise, capsuleers use FTL comms in order to transmit data following pod death. These FTL comms use quantum-entangled superfluid 4-helium in order to function, the result of which is that distance is no obstacle - so long as the endpoints are entangled, the distance between them (a very vast distance, from Anoikis to the New Eden cluster) has no effect on whether or not the data, or infomorph in this case, can be transmitted.

The same goes for chat channels, which operate the same way - through FTL comms.

Read this very, very old chronicle for the lore on which this is based:


One thing that I’ve always enjoyed is their attempts to use pseudoscience to explain things, rather than just inventing new things and saying “roll with it”.

That said… we already know that quantum entanglement does not allow for communication because the imposition of a new state on entangled particle breaks the entanglement. The entanglement just means that within the possible quantum states, both would return the same value if measured at the same time, no matter what.

Anyway, I’ll see myself out.

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Important to remember that “wormhole space” is just normal space that you travel to via a wormhole.

The wormhole is the mode of travel not the destination.


‘Normal’ except for no Local chat, and the wormhole system may have some strange effects on your ship, if it’s e.g a black-hole one.

It works because otherwise even less people would go into WHs knowing their character would never go into their new clone if they doe and they would have to start all over again.


The worms. They know.

The wormhole faries let the cloning bays know of the distruction.

Wormholers call it “Bob”.


Subspace interlink with your clone immediate activation on death.

the clone was always active, it´s just the players perspective shifting from one part of the story to another :crazy_face:

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Yeah, but they are like scientists in the future and stuff, they have hoverboards and jaws 3D. They also have evolved quantum entaglements in ways we cannot imagine! Oh, wait… before I go to sleep i’ll put on my sunglasses because the future will be bright! :wink:


In the grim darkness of the far future there is only WAAAGH!!!


That’s a grudgin’

I always considered wormholes just like regular space without cellphone towers to provide local. I also consider wormholes death for solo players, with rewards not worth the risk. The last time I was podded in a wormhole was the last time I bothered to enter one. My clone had somehow forgot how to use toilet paper after the event, so there is some memory loss associated with being annihilated there…

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