IHUB questions about upgrade mechanics and values


I have some questions about IHUB mechanics and upgrades,
I found either in internet nor in this forum sufficent information.

How many upgrades can be installed in an ihub ?
Is there a limit ?

Can an upgrade be installed even if the needed index limit is not reached ?

As I see in the market
-> entrapment
->Pirate detection
->Quantum Flex
depends on Military index


Ore Prospecting
->Surevey Networks
depends on industrial index

and is independent from ADM and strategy index

right ?

If the index fall under the needed index value,
the upgrade will disabled and enabled , if the index is reached again.

Military index depends on shooted rats and Industry index from mined ore m3.

I found some lists in the internet, is there somewhere offical list , how many are needed ?
Can I see how many rats / ore already mined and how many are missing for the next index level ?

I’m not an expert on this stuff, so I wouldn’t take anything I have to say as gospel. You can also look for unclaimed systems on SiSi and test things out.

  1. How many upgrades can be installed in an ihub? Is there a limit ?
    Apparently, you can install all the upgrades if you wanted to.

  2. Can an upgrade be installed even if the needed index limit is not reached ?
    No, you need to get the system to it’s required index level. I imagine that the required level is in the name of the upgrade.

  3. Index Questions

  • Strategic Index: Automatically increases as you hold control of the I-Hub over a continuous period.
  • Military Index: Increases in proportion to the number of NPC ships killed in the system.
  • Industrial Index: Increases in proportion to the volume of ore mined in the system.
  • Activity Defense Multiplier: Is calculated from the indices, and plays a roll in reinforcement times and sov capture mechanics.
  • My guess is that any upgrade in the industrial category of the market is dependent upon the Industrial Index, and so on.
  1. If the index falls under the needed index value, will the upgrade be re-enabled if the index is reached again?

  2. How much ore and rats need to be chewed and pewed in order to maintain various index levels.
    I don’t know about the rats at all (i.e. is it based on total bounty value, sites completed, number of rats killed). And the following chart is from a document that predates resource scarcity by about 8 years. So, take it with a grain of salt. What I will say, however, is that a failing, 50-man, renter corp with falling activity levels, were still able to easily maintain level 5 industry and military indexes. So, I don’t think it should be much of a problem. In fact, with resource scarcity and the new DBS, your problem might be too many people working the same system(s) (ore not enough ore spawning in the system in the first place). Oh, and the index might not give you specific numbers, but it will tell you your progress towards the next level in terms of a percentage.


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