The pain of building ADM index

once you move into space and put an ihub down the pain begins. the system has some odd mining anomalies that may have NPCs. or there is a desolate tower that spawns 4 npcs every 30 mins or so.
so you kill those npcs and get a few % towards the index. BUT
the belt rats dont respawn again until downtime.
the tower rats barely give you 1.3% per hour while the index degrades almost that much in an hour.
it is total futility unless you get lucky and get a cosmic site .
there needs to be a way to spawn more npcs for index pushing until you can get above 1 and put an upgrade in the IHUB. after that it isnt really a problem.
please consider a device or change in spawn rate when the index is below 1

CCP could just bring back asteroid belts in all the systems that were stripped of the belts for no good reason. That one desolate belt beacon is rubbish and serves no purpose in this sov matter.

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I wonder if the NPCs that spawn from CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacons count towards the ADM?

Can’t you just mine the mining anomalies?

That only increases the Industry index, not the Military index.

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