Indistrial and Military Index

I am not sure where to put this so I will try here. My corp has decided to try out renting a system in NS. The Industrial Index is 3 and the Military Index is 0. Because we are renters, we cannot see what is in the ihub but can only guess that it has an Ore Prospecting Array 3 at least since the index is at 3. I am not sure about the Pirate Array since the index is currently at 0.

There were 6 ratting anoms in total. A forsaken hub, forsaken rally point, forlorn hub, sanctum, drone horde, drone surveillance. All 6 have been cleared but nothing new has spawned in 4 days.

There were no mining anoms. As I understand it, with an Industrial Index of 3, there should be a small, medium, and large mining anom. We have been clearing the normal belts hoping to spawn something.

So what am I missing? We have been there for 4 days but no new ratting anoms or changes in the index. We have even been killing the rats in the belts. Will more spawn? As far as the Industrial, no changes to the index or ore anoms. Is there something else we should be doing or chalk it up as a loss and find a new place to rent or alliance to join?

Have you asked your Landlord?

Also, ew, krab

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It’s very likely that the ihub does not have any upgrades installed. The indexes only tell you about the sort of activities that are performed in the system.

I thought the indexes couldn’t go up without the proper ihubs?

Yes, best way to try out NS without commitment. We can try to defend ourselves and learn PvP and see how we like NS without having to commit ourselves to a specific alliance. Since we don’t have skills or isk for large ships, anything lost is easily replaceable.

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I like your moxie.

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Can i ask what you monthly bill is?

How this works is that the system may have had an IHUB in before with full upgrades and the residual affect could still be there, but as you have an IHUB without upgrades it does not stick and the sites do not spawn.

The landlord has not been especially competent here as he should have explained what upgrades were installed in the IHUB and agreed with you how you and they would go about upgrading them. Normally you have to pay for them and they would install them.

Good approach, have fun, but your landlord comes across as incompetent or uncaring.

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