Survey Networks in SOV space and their relation to Industry Index

I found out about these i-hub upgrades few weeks ago and persuaded my sov holding alliance to install a few of them. We prepared upgrades for 2 system from lvl 1-4 and see how they work. The theory behind these upgrades is that it will spawn more data and relic sites but our problem is that in order for higher level of the upgrades to work they need to be installed in systems where mining occurs on daily basis but doing so more scanable cosmic signatures will spawn much to the nerve of the miners cause they might think it’s a possible wormhole that needs to be scanned/scouted.

Now, most of the ihub upgrades are closely related to their index. Military for ratting, industry for mining but Survey Networks upgrades are also tied into the industry index yet it has nothing to do with mining.
So I’m here sugesting for CCP to untag these upgrades from Industry Index and let them be on their own. This way, systems that dont hold any importance could still be upgraded with Survey Network much to the benefit on the explorers.

Also I would like to know how exactly these SN work.
Scenario 1. They increase the spawning rate of data/relic sites in the current system.
Scenario 2. They draw like a magnet from other systems in the same constellation(or region cause it’s very unclear) these sites to spawn in the upgraded one.

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