if I’d were you, you should try this fit: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81031342/
you Need two reps with the same activation time and stagger them. I use HG mimesis set and 5% rof implant for more dps. At max ramp I get 3200 dps.


Some questions regarding that fit:

If you’re up against a curse, what do you do? Try to kill with drones after neutralising their drones?

Do you not run into cap issues with dual rep + smartbombs?

Why a SEBO instead of your own Burst Jammer II?

Why double nano pump instead of one nano pump and one accelerator, to avoid stacking penalty? Cap maintainance?

What caused you to die in that killmail?

Thanks a bunch in advance. I looked into fits almost exactly the same as that one before, but due to the amount of neuts/nos in abyss I assumed it wouldn’t work due to cap issues.

With dual reps, you can effective have one running continually once you’re getting armour hits, and imonly fire second one up if the first is getting over taken. I have the secondary on single cycle so it stops after one cycle.

Yes smartbombs will cause cap issues, so run these on single cycles and stepped, never together, fire one wait till its 1/4 into cycle then the next.

As for drones use yours, smartbombs, or if not attack target ship with turret the turret. never disengage turret from target if its already in its powerup stage.

Nano pump vs accelerator is CAP related, dual pumps will give a nice hp out put for the normal cap use, but the accelerator chews through cap as it cycles the reps faster. If you have great cap you use accelerators, if tight on cap pumps.

I decided against the office turret even though it has better damage.

I found the factional Vese was better, better range and tracking, only 0.01 less damage mod than officer.

3200 dps? I can only get 2270dps with HG Mimesis set, drones, pyro and other implants (https://pastebin.com/PUmLfDrS)

Are do you have amazing abyssal rad sinks or something? x)

Only implant that might help with be an ROF highest possible one.

Mimesis implants are the only tgat do max damage increase, but reduces ROF.

There’s no RIG to help disintegrators in any way, like the other turrets have.

Only Sinks help other than skills and the Mimesis and ROF implants.

Be interesting to see how the 3200dps is gained. Might be added DPS from drones, but almost 1000dps difference between your dps and has seems more than just drone dps.

Possibly overheating might cause that gain, but questionable.

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