Can’t find any discussions on fits on this forum and there aren’t any on eve uni either.

The fit : https://pastebin.com/DR7sFYSn

Any improvements to be made to this fit for 1v1 ayssal pvp?

Burst Jammer II instead of a Web to de-spool other Ikitursas
Double thukker and nosferatus for anti-curse, not sure if that will be enough though.

What tactics do you use?

Close and personal.
Reach out and tickle?

Lose the burst jammer and get a battery or something.

If you haven’t seen Gustav Mannfreds youtube channel I’d suggest having a look there, and also his zkill for abyssal pvp fits, both his kills and losses. Would suggest if you’re not running something similar you may run into issues getting out alive.

Best of luck!



As @Cypr3ss_Deteis noted the use of Abyssal items can make a big difference.

Running multiple batteries can be counter productive. I would replaced one with at least one tracking computer, with both scripts (track and tracking) as this will provide more attack range or better turret tracking (thus better damaging hits), i run a faction version.
Yes you don’t get the full bonus of the range script, as you can’t use the the fall-off range, but that extra km of optimal range does make a big difference

A good Assault Damage Control, and a really good Abyssal version can be deadly. An Abyssal with an extended run time could be the difference be life and death.

Also multiple lowslot turret sink is a waste, as good skills can do better, and the extra slot could be used to other modules.

And select drones to add what your fit might be missing, SW, TP, TD and EC drones add to your attack benefits. Remember you do have 50mb/s to use, 2x heavy, 5x medium or 5x light

I’ll post a couple of fits when i get on pc for you.

Old Wormhole PVP fit.

High Slots

Salvager I 1
Auto Targeting System II 1
Heavy Entropic Disintegrator II 1
Occult M 500
Improved ‘Guise’ Cloaking Device II 1

Mid Slots

‘Marketeer’ Tracking Computer 1
‘Prospector’ EM Ward Amplifier 1
Gistum B-Type 50MN Microwarpdrive 1
‘Palisade’ Cap Recharger I 1
Tracking Speed Script 1

Low Slots

[Corelum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer 1
Reactive Armor Hardener 1
Abyssal Assault Damage Control 1 (extended run bonus)
Centum A-Type Energized Kinetic Membrane 1
Corpum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane 1
Entropic Radiation Sink II 1


Medium Anti-EM Pump II 1
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II 1

Drone Bay

Infiltrator II 2


Tetryon Exotic Plasma 984
Optimal Range Script 1
Meson Exotic Plasma M 500

This fit was upgraded after a good fight with an T3 ganker, always good to not forget not to change targets while powering up disintegrator to full power. Now this ship can with skills get close to that of battleship levels.

[Ikitursa, *]

Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink (Entropic Radiation Sink II - 30.52 tf, 1.137x, 7.09%)
Corpum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Small Abyssal Ancillary Armor Repair (52.58 sec reload, 25.82 GJ, 3.74 sec, 57.91HP/174HP, 5.38 tf, 5.78 MW)
Corelum A-Type Energized Kinetic Membrane
Abyssal Assault Damage Control (Assault Damage Control II - 16.04 sec, 51.56%, 51.38%, 29.13%, 47.92%, 43.39)
‘Greaves’ Medium Armor Repairer I

Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier
‘Palisade’ Cap Recharger I
10MN Abyssal AfterBurner (10MN Analog Booster AB - 10.84 GJ, +191%, 7.50sec, 18.95 tf, 42.52 MW)
Tracking Computer II

Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator
Medium Abyssal Energy Neutralizer *(Medium Energy Neutralizer II - 51.69 GJ, 10.16km, 192.71 GJ, 21.71 tf, 191.5 MW
Medium Abyssal Energy Nosferatu (Corpum A-Type Medium Energy Nosferatu - 15.93km 46.6 GJ, 28.96 tf, 308.8 MW)
Syndicate Cloaking Device

Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

‘Augmented’ Acolyte x2
Gecko x1
Salvage Drone I x1
Hornet EC-300 x2

Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x1
Tetryon Exotic Plasma M x500
Meson Exotic Plasma M x438
Occult M x495
Nanite Repair Paste x40

Capacitor Stable with everything except cloak running.
Offense Range Attack without drones 173.3 dps out to 61km (Meson and Range script loaded)
Max fully powered up 641.21 dps
Offense Close Attack without drones 310.5 dps out to 18km (Occult and Tracking script loaded - tracking jumps to 63.98 from range setup of 49.22)
Max fully powered up 1,148.85 dps
Gecko adds another 118.1 dps
Defence without ADC active is 28,524 ehp
Defence with ADC active is 92,451 ehp for 16.04 seconds
Armor Repair without paste 56.4 hp/s
Armor Repair with paste 87.3 hp/s

Similar fit but RIG and without Ancillary repair.

[Ikitursa, *Simulated Ikitursa Fitting]
‘Greaves’ Medium Armor Repairer I
Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink
Coreli A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Centum A-Type Energized EM Membrane
Abyssal Assault Damage Control
‘Greaves’ Medium Armor Repairer I

True Sansha Cap Recharger
Abyssal Stasis Webifier
10MN Abyssal Afterburner
Tracking Computer II

Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator
Corpum A-Type Medium Energy Nosferatu
Medium Abyssal Energy Neutralizer
‘Love’ Medium Remote Armor Repairer

Medium Anti-Kinetic Pump II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

‘Augmented’ Acolyte x2
Salvage Drone I x3
‘Augmented’ Infiltrator x3
Infiltrator TD-600 x2

Meson Exotic Plasma M x1000
Tracking Speed Script x1
Optimal Range Script x1

This has a better low ehp of 30,989 and active ADC ehp of 100,530. DPS with turret is the same (we’re talking % difference to the above fit)
The armor repair is 81.8 hp/s, but requires no paste reloads.
Not as stable as the other fit, but manageable.

are the 2 fits above a joke? i hope they are.


why so? both have been used in 1vs1 PVP without issue against T3 cruisers.

If you think there’s something wrong, don’t just say it’s a joke, explain where it needs fixing!

Iki needs the burst jammer to shut down other ikitursas, it’s an insta win button.

Anything, as long as the iki has lock and the gun is spooling stacks it will kill within or near optimal eventually no matter what.

Thanks a bunch, seems like a great info source.

It’s becasue this is about abyssal pvp, but you’ve posted fits with cloaks and autotargeting systems as well as advising me to ditch the cap batteries when one of the 3 top tier fits is a full neut curse fit. Thanks for the iki fits anyways, but none of them would work in the abyss unfortunatly.


…there’s a reason for no battery and cloak fitted. These are used in wormhole abyssals, and as most wormholers know, you always have a cloak mounted if you’re solo flying.

As for the batteries, i do have a fit with a battery, but only an small abyssal battery with a 34.5% CAP-Warfare resist, and poor CAP bonus. Anyone that fights BloodFaction PVP ships knows this resist is more important the battery CAP bonus, as the CAP bonus against one of these ships might hold out a extra few seconds, but the resist reduced the amount they can remove from your CAP.

Also if you have a high CAP than you enemy they can pull that from your battery with nercos, but if you have lower CAP they can’t.

Having a good or better CAP recharge rate is better against these ships, unless you happen to be hit by one of the few that know how to use them properly.

Remember CAP regs every seconds, while nerco and nuets cycle in the many seconds. So with a good CAP reg and the 25% CAP reg bonus you can fight CAPWar ships.
But you have to monitor your CAP usage and select what you need to have running at the time.

This is from facing off against Bloodfaction ships fitted to kill CAP.

I’d suggest play with fits on the test server against some bloodfaction ships fitted for pvp CAPWarfar, and see what suits your playstyle.

yip that’s the key issues, keeping target in optimal range and maintaining that.

three ways to do that;

1: use Meson Ammo for longest unmodified range attack.
2: use tracking computer with range script to increase optimal range of any ammo loaded.
3: use sensor dampener to reduce targets locking range and thus force them to get closer.

Now Meson does great for range, but (as noted above) is the lowest damage dealing ammo of the Trig ammos, once once target engaged you’re best to stay with it until target destroyed or target lock lost. As switching to Occult or Tetryon will kill your damage back to starting damage and you have to build damage backup, not a good idea.

Using Tracking Computers are great for Trig ships as you can increase optimal range or tracking speed depending on script used. This means you can engage targets farther out and once target is within default skilled bonus range, the script can be switched to Tracking to increase chances of better hit damages.

eg. (using the . fit from above with my skills)

Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator loaded with Tetryon ammo;
default range with lvl5 skills in Ikitursa and turrets 20km and tracking 65.63
range with the above and active Tracking Computer II without scripts 22km and tracking 75.47
range with the above and active Tracking Computer II with optimal script 24km and tracking 65.63
range with the above and active Tracking Computer II with tracking script 20km and tracking 85.31

Running Occult ammo is only good with Tracking script and cruiser or large targets as even with that you’ll get 18km range and 63.98 tracking which is lower than Tetryon ammo with no TC at all, though damage is higher.

As an example of long range engagement through to close;
Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator loaded with Meson ammo;
default range with lvl5 skills in Ikitursa and turrets 53km and tracking 65.63
range with the above and active Tracking Computer II without scripts 57km and tracking 75.47
range with the above and active Tracking Computer II with optimal script 61km and tracking 65.63
range with the above and active Tracking Computer II with tracking script 53km and tracking 85.31

**But remember never change ammo or targets once you have engaged target pass 5 turret cycles, as that’s 5x the 5% damage Multiplier bonus already applied to damage. For me that’s 18.4 seconds, full 270% damage bonus takes me 3.312 minutes to reach with the . fit and my skills, within implants.

Now using a Remote Sensor Dampener II will reduce targets targeting range by 18.4% and Scan Resolution by 18.4% upto 42km away, and lower pass that range (well pass the Ikirursa targeting range and most other cruisers range).
With Range damping Script you can kill your targets targeting range by 36.7% (eg 100km down to 63.3km), thus forcing target to get closer, this will effect targets Target Painter, weapons engagement range, basically anything that requires a target lock.

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hate to say it, waste of time, Burst Jammer II has a dault range of 12km and even with skills it won’t get much farther.

A maxed skilled player will have their Ikitursa capable of target locking around the 82km mark, well outside of the Burst Jammer. and if they’re a bastard and know you’re trying the jam them they run Meson ammo and scripts and sit between 50-60km and just rip you a new one, and throw drones at you. I’d even go farther by throwing a TD or EC drone at you to screw your targeting and tracking up, and if running the RSD fitted version drop your targeting range down by 37% to 51.18km (81.25km-37%=51.1875km), which would limit your drones to that range, turret and necros/nuets to that range, and if I was out side that range you instantly lose target lock.

Burst Jammer as only usful if you can keep target within range. Even the Occult ammo pushes the turret range out to 18km, and any PVP player will try to keep out of turret range as they know the damage amp gets deadly the longer it’s on them.

So I’d agree with @Rhayn_Rowe and lose the burst jammer and put something more useful in its place.

Something to think about.

Useless storyline mods, useless drones(salvage drones?), mixing tank, tracking computers(mostly useless on trig ships), horrible tank, low dps, remote armor repairers, afterburner(useless in abyss), cap rechargers instead of batteries, ADC(useless in abyss), probably more but thats all i see right now.


Salvage drones agree there, only had them load for other things.

Storyline mods were for fitting limitations.

Tracking computer as noted is for increased range without having to change ammo. Plus

Remote armor repair is for quick drone repairs. As you know necro and neuts are useless against NPC’s.
Repairing a drone while it takes damage can confuse PVP players, specially if its the gecko, they’ll put all their drones on the gecko thus taking drone damage off you.

Tank as noted above was for wormhole, so things can be changed around.
The ADC is a faction abyssal modified version, so equal to a just below a T2 DC for omni damage protection, against leshaks when active it pushes resist on shield and armour close to 98% (with my skills) for 16.5seconds. A reactive will surpass ADC and DC after a while, though no omni multi-leveled resistance. It’s always an interest topic DC/ADC vs RA, of cause a next of the two are good two.

As noted above batteries have limited benefit, i have tested against abyssal trigs a pure cap recharge fit and battery, the battery works ok, but recharge regens the CAP faster. This has been as not tested against pure cap combat ships, and the recharge fit lasts longer tgan a dual battery fit.
As you know once battery is empty it has to recharge, and it never gets a change against cap warfare ships, while recharge fit can generate enough power in one cycle to use modules, so question would be have a high CAP, or a better regen of CAP.
As remember in PVP you can’t get CAP removed if you CAP is lower than your enemy, one reason non-bloodfaction cap-warfare ship dont go over board on cap batteries.

I run very similar AF, CD and other trig fits, of cause modified due to fitting limitations.

But its down to player play style and tactics.

Yeah, after seeing a few more real life iki fights i’ve gotta agree with you, jammers just don’t have the application due to range restraints.

Alright, I can’t imagine any way to make this fit much better, aside from: abyssal mods (will be used on the real fit), 1.2bil more for 7% armor resists from A-type nano membranes and using officer gun.

Fit: https://pastebin.com/dk8gZSFg

The single medium neut is there to counter Curse (neuts). The med nos will leech enough cap to get a gun cycle in, where a small nos wouldn’t be enough.

Two emp bombs instead of emp-explo since drones are already very easy to kill (fly out of bounds) so I’d rather EM only for quicker hornet ec-300 drone kills.

The SEBO mid fitted with ECCM to counter burst jammer Iki’s if I ■■■■ up, and ec-300 hornets.

Web > Scram due to heated range.

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