Ikka Expeditionary Force


[Ikka Expeditionary Force] [IKKAE] is looking for new members!

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98387528/

This corporation is an Expeditionary force with desire to be on the “good guys” side. Not a mercenary corp that takes any contract as long as it pays good. Not looking to take contracts to bash a single structure. Will be more toward deploying for campaigns with refit times to do isk making activities in between deployments. New players are more than welcome and looking for directors as well.

Currently we are deployed to a C2 wormhole for 2 more weeks and then we will move to our new NPC Null permanent home. We got some growing and settling in to do before we are ready to deploy again, so plenty of time for new players to join and be ready for war!

Currently 0.0% tax rate with a Hi sec base of operations in Tintoh. Tax rate will change soon to 3-5% when we move to NPC Null though. We do look to be a well rounded corp so happy to have indy players to help build those warships!

  • US & EU Timezone players
  • Well rounded PVE and PVP in the future
  • Discord Comms
  • War Campaigns and refit periods to do your favorite isk making activities!
  • New and Experienced players.

[Ikka Expeditionary Force] is looking for pilots that are:

  • Mature players
  • Interested in PVP and/or PVE
  • Respectful
  • Desire to be the good guys and frequently be at war.
  • Willing to deploy to far ends of New Eden!

Join our Public channel “IKKAE Public” to learn more or contact “Vicki Ikkala” in game with any questions. Great chance to get in on the ground floor! Great chance for a fresh start!

Good CEO +1 rep

Check us out, great chance to explore the universe!

New players are welcome!

We are growing fast and looking for more! New player friendly and starting pvp training this week!

Looking for Indy players and Experienced players as well!

Growing fast and just deployed to a wormhole, great chance to try out wormhole life for the duration of the deployment!

Join us on discord!

We want more community members!

Join the Discord and see what we are about!

Looking for US timezone experienced FC!

Hop in our discord and chat with us!

We are wrapping up our wormhole deployment and heading to NPC Null soon!

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