New player looking for an active crew

Hello All!

I just started playing the game today but have been doing a lot of research and have completed the tutorial missions and gifted a few million isk by a friend to get me started. Also purchased the sub because big ships are rad.

So far I have a Thrasher, Wreath Rifter and Breacher. I’m still working on the low level skills, About to hit minimar frigate 3 and destroyer 1. Working my way up on the ‘big 14’

I am pretty poor and only able to do tier 1 and the occasional tier 2 mission so I would primarily be looking for some people who I can tag along with to assist on higher difficulty missions to unpoor myself. Willing to throw into the mix a few frigate pvp learnings assuming I can afford the losses!

I started a few days ago myself. We’re all poor when we start. Like you, I have a friend who helps with ISK and she gave me a couple of “throw away ships”.

Have you begun the Career Agents’ missions?
I’ve started with the Military path and I’m at the Advanced Military now. They’re a good easy way to get ISK and some missions will give you free ships and modules, though they’re only corvettes and the modules are basically useless but it’s better than nothing and a good way to learn the basics.

I’m planning to do all the Career Agents’ missions to familiarize myself with the game and its mechanics and save up ISK to buy my first cruiser and fit it with good modules.
When I’m done with all the Career missions I’ll jump on to the Security Agents’ mission and get my security rating up.

‘They’ say to join a corporation to learn the game and get perks… Have you thought about that?
I myself don’t think I’ll join a corporation before long. I want to have at least 5 PvP wins and repay all the ISK she gives me before I even think I’d be useful to anyone else.
Will purchase Omega once I’ve capped all my Alpha skills. I’m not in a hurry so I don’t need the accelerated skill time.

Good luck, Renaria o7

if your interested in learning the game and making plenty of money quickly feel free to contact me as my corp is recruiting, we are pro PVP pilots and are part of a strong alliance and coalition with plenty to keep you busy and lots of knowledge of the game, we can help with efficient skill ques to get you into a ship to make plenty of isk in the space we own.

Check out this article, if it’s something that interests you hit me up on Discord: BearThatCares#1337

Hey Mohamed - Coincidentally I am also working through the military 1 missions and about to kick Steon’s butt in 10/10.

I know I can pick up a fair bit on my own, but in my experience with other mmos I always learn more in a guild so I am looking for a Corp.

At Bear and Feared, Ill reach out to you here in a bit to see if I might be a good fit for your ranks :slight_smile:

Ren what TZ are u in, do you have discord

Hey @Renaria!

Dream Endeavor may be a good fit for you. We’d love for you to consider us!

We are a new and growing hi-sec, mining and Indy corp welcoming new and returning players, although the vast majority of our members are returners with diverse experiences in New Eden. Currently all of us are in North American Time Zones, but several hold odd hours, so we often have folks on during the afternoons into the early morning. What unites us is a desire for a highly supportive and very laid back, content focused, and above all - FUN - experience!

To that end, we are not war eligible, and we focus mostly on mining and industry, with many of our members committed to mining, production, hauling, and/or trade. All corps activities are optional, and we also do PVE and some small group PVP roams to expand members’ experiences and skills. Several of our members are extremely knowledgeable about indy and help out us who are newer, and a few are quite skilled at PVP and PVE and help members out there as well.

To help support that, we have shared hangers stocked with free items for members, and we offer free starter ships and discounted advanced ships and fits. When we do PVP, the corp will generally build the ships for everyone to use so we don’t risk personal ships. We have ore and salvage buy back opportunities set up by individual members as well.

We also don’t have a lot of requirements. All in all, we strive for a carefree, casual, and accepting environment that encourages member growth and development while supporting members’ interests and goals.

Here’s a lists of what we offer:

  • Alpha Friendly
  • USTZ Prime 00:00 - 8pm EST
  • Low 3% Tax Rate
  • Free Starter Ships for PVE and Mining
  • Discounted advanced ships for PVE and Mining on Contract
  • Corp PVP Roams
  • Item buyback available
  • Mining Fleets w/ Orca Boosts
  • Ice Belts Nearby
  • L1-L4 PVE Security Missions Nextdoor
  • Corp Discord for Comms & Out of Game Community

Join us in game “DEVUP Recruitment” or in Discord -

Hope you will consider us! Fly safe, mine deep, and shoot straight!


Dakota Raine

Hello Renaria!

Welcome to Eve! I hope that you find a great corp that fits with what you would like to do in eve.

Check out my recruitment post, this is a new and starting corp though, so not many members right now but will change soon.

Shoot me a mail in game or join the public channel listed in the recruitment add for more information or any questions you may have.

Ikka Expeditionary Force

I am in Pacific time and have discord.

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