[ILF] Official Statement Responding to Events in Intaki and Surrounding Systems

Are you talking about the Pharolux Cyno Beacon? Or is the structure not pictured?

Hey there, folks! I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion about Intaki, and I must say, I’m quite fond of the place. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Intaki is like a fine wine - it gets better with age.

Now, I know Bataav and some of his followers might have some negative opinions about Intaki, but let me tell you, they’re missing out. Intaki is a hidden gem in New Eden. The culture, the people, the food… oh, don’t even get me started on the food.

And don’t even get me started on the art scene in Intaki! The music, the poetry, the paintings - it’s all just so wonderful.

While I respect Bataav’s and his followers’ opinions, I must disagree with their stance.

As someone who has spent time in the Intaki system, I can attest to the oppression and exploitation suffered by the local population at the hands of Caldari megacorporations. The Federation’s actions were necessary to put an end to the suffering and restore justice to the system.

Furthermore, the Caldari State’s response, while expected, is nothing but a desperate attempt to save face. They cannot deny the atrocities committed in Intaki and the surrounding systems.

I stand with President Aguard and the Federation Navy in their efforts to liberate Intaki and bring peace to the region. Let us not forget that the Federation is a democracy, founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all. And we will do what is necessary to uphold those values, even if it means using force.

You know what they say about opinions, right? They’re like asteroids - everybody’s got one, but not everyone’s a planet. So, while you’re floating around in space, let us federal navy folks handle the real problems down here in Intaki. We’ll make sure to send you a postcard from our victory party

Thank you Malak for identifying the structure, being a resident of low sec, as of this time I cannot say I am familiar with this structure and I definitely have not seen one in Intaki before.

What a disgustingly ignorant remark, Intaki is a jewel among the stars and at no point has the Suresha ever suggested differently.

If however you think the oppression by the Caldari megacorps comes close to the massive militarisation which has now occurred in these troubling times it is of no surprise such rubbish spews forth from your mouth.

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Well, well, well, look who we have here! Richard Masseri, the defender of Intaki, has arrived. I must say, your passionate defense of the system is quite impressive. But you know what they say about defending something too fiercely, right? You might end up burning your own toast.

It seems like we have a diamond expert here who thinks Intaki is a “diamond in the rough.” But let me tell you, if Intaki was really a diamond, it would be a flawless, priceless gemstone that everyone would be fighting over. And if you think the Caldari megacorps’ oppression is nothing compared to the recent militarization, well, I have some asteroids to sell you. That’s like saying a mosquito bite is worse than a shark attack.

But hey, I understand why you would defend Intaki so passionately. Maybe it’s the food that’s clouding your judgement. Or maybe you just really like poetry readings. Either way, let’s agree to disagree and maybe we’ll send you a plate of Intaki delicacies on your way out.

Intaki, being outside of the warzone, is spared from this constant violence and destruction. This means that the system is generally safer and more stable than systems located in the warzone. The lack of military conflict also means that trade and commerce can flow more freely in and out of the system, leading to greater economic opportunities for the people of Intaki. So how is Intaki not being in a warzone not good for Intaki?

What a naïve sentiment how is one of the most militarized systems now within the Federation not in a warzone.

When the Intaki system was “liberated” I had my concerns for reasons I have gone over time and time again but if they had left it at that secured the system stated their intent to “defend it” and then headed for the warzone I would have less concerns.

However we now have a massive military build-up a new station hanging above the planet like an unspoken threat Titan’s in numbers that have rarely been seen outside of navy parades. The heeled boot of supposed democracy in the form of the FIO laying about the citizenry.

This is not a liberation Intaki has been made the base of operations to the actual Federation Military and thus made a target for even more destruction by the Caldari and all others who oppose Federation Imperialism.

But as I said to Rhey Aziah diplomacy has never been my forte I leave that to the Suresha I feel far too impassioned and such emotions do not sit well I think I will take some time to reflect on the Ida while the Federation Loyalists warm the place with there hot air.

It is probably best you do, I believe you are an honourable individual and I also share your politically separatist views however Lavacano is not wrong on some scale in relation to their economic points.

I am delighted to report my little company has seen staggering profits of over 500% once we went capsuleer and started trading in Intaki. Sadly these are tempering off substantially with the Concord Sec Status increase causing increased taxing and Planetary Interaction regulations however at this time I can say we are fairly happy with the overall situation from a profitability standpoint.

You mean people who loudly preferred ‘to rely on their newfound Caldari associates’ might maybe have changed their minds after a decade of warfare, Lai Dai looting the planet, and in response to being presented with a fait accompli by the Fed Navy?

Politicians?!? Changing their minds to suite whatever way their personal power gets preserved?!?

Say it ain’t so!

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Strictly, no, it’d be like saying a shark attack is nothing compared to a mosquito bite. While your intent is obvious, by reversing the order of which is better and which is worse, you’ve undermined your simile.


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The whole concept of democracy implies a heeled boot. It’s a system of institutionalized oppression, where majority can dictate their rule on minorities. Not because they have better merit, not because they have wiser solution or smarter leaders, not because they can convince other side in their correctness, but only becasuse there are MORE of them.

There is literally no difference in saying: “We have larger army, submit to us or else” and “We have more voters than you, submit to us or else”.

The Federation now have decided for Intaki, because that’s what democracy is. Of course gallenteans will start crying that they do have “Intaki senators”, etc etc etc. But tell me please do they change anything? If you take away Intaki senators would result be any different? It was decided not by you, it was decided for you.

We have had enough of this nonsense already 200 years ago. And now WE decide for ourselves and we don’t let anyone else to decide for us.

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It’s true, sometimes the tyranny of the majority is wrong. A hundred years ago the majority of Gallente weakened in their resolve and sought peace with the Caldari. The voices of the minority of the true sons and daughters of liberty who saw the threat the State would pose in the future to our lives and freedoms were ignored by those that sought appeasement of rebels and insurrectionists.

As the events of the past twenty years have demonstrated the policies of appeasement have failed and the Caldari State remains committed to war and violence against the people of the Federation. However we can rectify the mistakes of the past and resolve to complete what we did not due to complacency – the destruction of the Caldari State.

Yeah yeah, “committed to war and violence” that Gallenteans are started. I bet even twisted by gallenteans history books will show you’re wrong. You didn’t read history books, have you? Missed the classes? Instead of studying history and math was brainwashed to believe democracy or freedom is “good” and not evil?

But on the other hand, what would I expect from a loonie who was seeing my “ego” in a legal affair he didn’t even manage to study first.

Stop bothering me with your hallucinations, tell them better to your psychiatrist, or nurse…

Democracy and freedom is the greatest good one can adhere to. It is what motivates me to seek the liberation of the rebel colonies of the Caldari State whose people now languish in the darkness of oppression and inhumanity into the light of a new dawn in the Federation. Only when the Caldari State is destroyed can the promise of liberty be realized in the manifest destiny of not just the Federation but all humanity.

So you admit you’re being a freedom cultist?

I would admit freedom is the only way.

Freedom is the only way only for illiterate uncultured evil freaks with criminal desires.

The only uncultured freaks are the corporate and military leadership of the State whose perfidy and treachery knows no bounds in their pursuit of profit at the expense of humanity.

And this is why the Caldari State must be destroyed.

I’ve asked you already to stop spreading your detached from reality nonsense. You have already shown us all you clearly are an ignorant liar when you started speaking about ego in a legal case you didn’t even manage to read first.

I am not interested in hearing anything from someone who isn’t a friend with objective reality.

The only ones I see who are detached from reality are those Caldari who think they can destroy the Federation or prevent the inexorable march of progress that Gallente society represents.

Said a man who openly was speaking and lying contradicting to facts he didn’t bother to check before opening his mouth.

Get out from my sight.