[ILUSN] Illusion of Flight is recruiting! [USTZ] NullSec mining/pvp/pve

Join Illusion of Flight - Conquer Detorid with Eve Veterans and Newcomers Alike!

About Us:

  • Small & Tight-Knit: We’re a close group of Eve veterans and newcomers.
  • Diverse Activities: Daily skirmishes, moon mining, planetary interaction.
  • Part of the Gentleman’s Club Alliance.

What We Offer:

  • Daily Fights: Solo skirmishes to fleet clashes.
  • Access to Alliance Daily PVP Roams, Timers and Mining Fleets.
  • Moon, Ice and Belt Mining. We offer top-tier ore processing services with max refining characters.
  • Planetary Interaction: Riches from planetary resources.
  • Ratting and PvE: Wallet security.
  • Industry Structures available.
  • Freight services and Jita like prices in alliance Hubs.

Joining is Easy:

  1. Discord: Illusion of Flight
  2. Introduce Yourself
  3. Recruitment Officers will guide you through out the process.

Join Illusion of Flight now and embrace Eve Online’s wild frontiers

Contact Us:

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