I'm a programmer, some development agreement issues

If i want according to in-game resources to obtain i18n. Just like a hidden switch. It’s unlawful?
I just want EVE Online a little friendly display.

Care to rephrase that?

If I’m understanding you right:

You can get the various languages Eve supports in ESI, by setting the accept-language header in your request, to the appropriate language.

I believe it defaults to English, but if you set it, you can get others.

You can also make requests with the language parameter for those endpoints which support it.

https://esi.tech.ccp.is/ui/ has ways of doing it. the language parameter shows up on certain endpoints like universe/types

Yep, I understand ESI, but I want EVE online Client to display other language.

Make EVE Online client display other language.

You can get the client in any of the officially supported languages. You can change it in-game in the settings-menu (just hit ESC)

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