I'm a spy. "Sounds like things a spy would say"

This is a tongue in cheek post, but I have played wow since 2005 and tried Eve during that time five times and just never could get into it. Fast forward two months ago. My lovely lady was diagnosed with cancer and had to have two surgeries. They got it all and she is doing great, but I must tell you it added a bit of strain to the nerves. So, I decided to try Eve again to settle the nerves, I loved the book Empires of Eve and the strategies that went on. So, I decided to apply with a few of the “new player friendly corps” and my applications were declined. I am a spy, most likely was the conclusion… It makes me chuckle, I’m a 56 year old dad who in 5 attempts has yet to kill another player and I love PVP in other games, but because my lack of success in PVP (lets me be honest, right now I’m a terrible pilot, but I will get better) I was declined on an application, I’m solo and YouTubing my way through Eve life, I don’t want to be in high sec, the agent missions are repetitive and I’m finding it too comfortable. Someone gave me ISK which was a nice gesture 2 years ago that showed up when I came back on, and I was refused because of that as well. I am not looking for an IRL job to apply to, I work at a bank and that is enough. I have a corax now and am having fun, but nul sec is where I want to get to. I do not want freebie stuff I just want to find a place to feel a part of and contribute. Does anyone have any advice where I could look and let me repeat again, I AM DEFINITELY A SPY. (trying a little reverse psychology).

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Hi, sounds like you’ve run foul of SovNull paranoia. I assume you are saying that you want to be in SovNull rather than the NPC version?

You’ll find that almost all of the larger, more well-known Alliances and their pets are wary of recruiting players with backgrounds which appear to them to be suspicious. You’ll just have to find a corp which is prepared to take on new players, and which has in place sufficient safeguards to discourage espionage. They do exist, and might also be willing to address your currently poor piloting. They often prefer to train a new pilot rather than re-train an otherwise accomplished player. It’s less effort.

So, enjoy your Corax adventures while you search, I’m sure you’ll find something. Persistance and Patience are two very useful EVE requirements!

And all the best to your Lovely Lady. May she be well!

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Join Horde. Everyone is already a spy there anyway.


What’s the deal with the empty crucifix and the punisher with two different lasors in it? Not an insult, want to hear the story.

I wish I had a cool story to tell but I don’t. Not sure what a crucifix is. Last night before I went to bed I ran some agent missions and just grabbed whatever was available and threw them on, did the mission and parked it and that was the punisher. I’ve been flying a corax which I prefer. Trying to get the guts to go in to abyssal with it. I’ve got a few ships from agents and haven’t flown many yet except the corax because I am following someone on YouTube right now. On one of my guys I was flying the Tristan thats a fun frigate I think.