Im looking at all the skills ive trained for the past 3 months

they’re all worthless now.

just got back from 2 weeks of not being able to play due to ddos

now i got red dots every time i do something
cant pass fleet boss
cant access poco
and my rorqual is worth more in its reprocessed form.

??? why ???

ccp, if you dont want this game anymore, can i have it?

The meta circles around with enough time, so I’d keep 'em. If not, CCP has provided you with Extractors that you can purchase and sell off.

That’s intentional, it helps show you new items in your hangars and inventory.

These are bugs. Send in a bug report.

This is a you problem for selling your Rorqual at less than its reprocessed form. (Also, every kid and their mother cried about this each time the Rorqual was nerfed. The smarter and non-retarded players took this opportunity to buy up a bunch of cheap Rorquals and sold them back at a premium once everyone realized the nerf wasn’t as bad as they thought it was.)

Probably to see idiots like you crying and complaining, lmao.

Can I have your worthless skills? :blush:

You can contract me the (large) skill injector for the price of a skill extractor. :wink:

Praise CCP for this. Before the dot, we couldn’t have known that we’ve been putting stuff into our cargo holds just a second before. Now, thanks to both the dot and the insanely provoking inventory button reminding me of it, we’re all closer to the path of enlightment. Now we will always know that we have new stuff in the cargo, because we all forgot that we’ve put it there.

Praise CCP! Thank you! You saved me and everyone else from being eternal idiots!


I actually quite like this. I trade a lot, do a lot of relocation contracts with my corporation, have stuff dumped into inventory continually and it will be helpful to know what is new and can be re-contracted to the original shipping member without having to manually check contracts and use Google Sheets and do it item by item. It would be nice to be able to off the sound.

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