Just came back to the game, skills changed, can't fly my own ship I flew for 6 years

So I come back to the game and Omega my accounts and now come to find out, they changed all the carrier skills and now I cant even get in my own carrier for 45 days dues to skill changes. How is this a thing?!?!? So pissed right now, everything I own is stuck in my carrier and I cant get it out of the system now. Shouldn’t they have given me the missing sp’s for the ONLY ship my character flys? Extremely frustrating, and wondering if I should get my money back for the accounts I registered because there is no way I am sitting in a station for 45 days while waiting for the skills to train up after having all lvl 5’s. Thoughts?

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Interesting. Have you actually tried to get in the thing? I too had skill requirements change, but I was under the impression that once you can fly a ship, you can always fly a ship. This turned out to be true in my case - I was able to fly a ship I shouldn’t have been able to fly after skill requirements changed.


You don’t need the prerequisite skill’s only the end skill’s, which you would have had if you could fly it before. Try and get in.

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I have not tried to get in it(I know sounds stupid) but it’s 30 jumps from where I am at and I was viewing the fitting and saw the red X and hovered over it and that’s where it said I couldn’t use it. If that is the case then that would make me extremely happy. I guess I’ll yolo out there and see if I can get in it. You guys gave me hope again! I had pretty much given up on coming back as 98% of my stuff is in that station/carrier in null sec, I have been using my main to just poke around and get a little bit of pew pew here and there and finally decided to Omega my accounts only to get that msg, heartbreaking! Thanks guys!


I’m 99% sure you will be able to fly it. Truck out there and give it a go! Btw, carriers are changed - they are combat capitals now, vs. logistics. They are probably better than they were before - especially for ratting.


you may want to check it’s still a carrier, if you stopped playing before the changes and had a triage mod fit then that carrier may now be a fax.


Doesn’t make too much difference as all capitals can move ship’s/modules around now.

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How did you come up with needing 45 days of skill training?

CCP lies. Yes, the rule they promised was “if you can fly it before, you can fly it after.” When CCP added FAXes, they split the carrier path. If your carrier was fit for triage at the time, you’re just shitouttaluck. You don’t have a carrier anymore, CCP took it away.

What’s so wrong with FAX?

The roll out. CCP screws their players all the freakin’ time when they change stuff with skills. edit: in this case, OP had a carrier, flied carriers, used carriers. I suspect OP would have wanted a carrier after that roll out. Too bad, CCP screwed him.

You can always inject the skills you need. Not ideal, but if you have the ISK it beats waiting around for a month and a half.

What if he had the carrier for RR what if he just needed it to move his stuff around, both of these situations suit f-aux.

If your ship is in a hostile NPC station where you cannot dock, you can use the Asset Safety feature starting June 5 in order to retrieve it, as these stations will be converted to citadels then. Asset Safety will transport your stuff to a nearby LowSec station after twenty days from them moment you activate it, but you have to pay some ISK in order to retrieve your things.

I understand that there is waiting involved, and your post makes it clear that you are not a fan. But I can’t help it. EVE is a waiting simulator.

Faction Citadels

Asset Safety

Thanks for all the tips, I was able to get in the carrier and it was still an archon, thank god. Now I just need to re-train the prerequisites. Thanks all fly safe o7


You dont need to train the pre requisites.

For some reason, i only have gallente destroyer to level 2. And yet my gallente battleship is 5. I never bothered to retrain gallente destroyer because it looks weird and cool to have a single skill that is red while all the skills above it are green.

If you dont need it, keep it like that and spend time on things you need.

Depending on when he left, he may yet need to train LF, SF, and HF skills up.

On the premise that he had been converted from a carrier to a fax on the rollout, why would that be CCP screwing him? They made their intentions quite clear. Just because he wasn’t paying attention (to a game he wasn’t playing) doesn’t mean CCP screwed him, it means he got left behind. Very big difference.

Well there’s 'yer problem! Go train up a Thanatos :wink:

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