Can't fly ships I used years ago

I wanted to try this game again after years of not playing, so I logged in and wanted to do some mining but I couldn’t get in my mining ship but I couldn’t. Ok whatever I just mess around in my battlecruiser, also can’t get in. After asking around they added new ship skills like “mining frigate” , fair enough but who thought that making people wait 17h (or 8ish if omega) per ship class just to fly ships you have used before was a good/fun idea? Are they that desperate not getting my money?

Are you Omega right now?

For Omegas there is a grandfathering rule, so you should be able to fly any ship you could fly before even when new skills get added.

Alphas are severely limited in what ships and equipment they can use, of course.

If slots got changed, you may board a ship, but not undock until you fixed the fit.

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Some ships Requirements has changed tjek it?

if you could fly it before you should still be able to fly it. Perhaps you logged into the wrong account or wrong character?

If you have the mining barge skill you don’t need the mining frigate skill to sit in a barge. And if you had the generic battlecrusier skill they gave you the racial BC skill as long as you had cruiser 3 or so which was a req to sit in a BC at the time.

Normally CCP is very firm on their “if you could fly it before then you can fly it after X changes”, but they have been known to make exceptions. I remember a couple of years ago or so they made a change (don’t remember specifically what) which slightly increased the SP requirement after changing skill requirements, which meant that if you logged in and docked then you wouldn’t be able to undock unless you increased the skill levels. They were very clear about this in their post that they were making an exception to their rule and all affected players should adjust their skill training accordingly.

This rarely happens, though. What is the ship in question? Perhaps that is the ship I speak of that I don’t remember.

so man, YOU stopped playing for years, you suddenly come back, and now you criticize CCP, not you, because you cannot do what you want and because the game has changed a bit ?
“darling, i left home and you and the children for several years, now i just suddenly come back home, how is it possible that you do not agree to make love with me immediately ???”

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Are you Alpha? If you paid for a new subscription then you should be able to fly all of your previous ships. If that’s the case, just submit a support ticket about it.

Though, I’m not sure what not being able to fly your ships has to do with CCP getting your money…

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I cannot believe this didn’t cross my mind to mention :joy::rofl:

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