Returning Player Question

Its been many many years since I played eve but I do remember my favorite ship to fly at the time was the Drake.

There are a bunch of ships I remember flying before I quit.

Problem is now it says I don’t have the skills to fly a lot of the ships I owned in the past, like the Drake.

Did they change the requirements?


Are you Alpha or Omega ? If you’re an Alpha you should still have those skills, but not available to use until you go Omega.


Hello and welcome back to Eve.

Ships were changed a little but the main change was CCP making Eve F2P which produced Clone States. If you’re not subbed then you’re an Alpha Clone with restrictions. If you are subbed then you’re an Omega Clone with no restrictions. In my opinion it’s better to just sub an account and be Omega, basically allows you to access everything.

Anyway, checking ‘Requirements’ tab on ship info will let you know what’s needed. Good luck and may you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.


Depending on how long you were away, they also did away with the generic battlecruiser and destroyer skills. There are now racial equivalents like all the other ship classes.


This wouldn’t be an impediment. When they did that, they granted SP and skill ranks so you could use the new skills at the same level as you were able to before.


Right now I am an Alpha Clone but I am able to see in the ship browser the ships i cannot fly due to Alpha state and ships i cannot fly due to not having the skills.

The ships i was able to fly before i simply do not have the skills to fly now.

The Drake specifically i was able to fly before but now i need to learn more skills in order to do so.

This can only mean the requirements for the ship changed at some point between when i last played and now.

It would seem that i was NOT rewarded with the additional skills needed when those changes were made.


If your character could fly a drake before, it should still be able to fly a drake.

they did change the requirements, there used to be a generic Battle Cruiser skill that worked for all BCs but they’ve changed it so there’s a Battlecruiser skill for each race. When they changed it they gave players that had the generic BC skill the racial bc skill for the ships they could fly. So I have to ask do you have any of the racial BC skills on your character?

Also did you log into the right account? I’ve seen a lot of people come back and they think they have the wrong skills or assets, and turns out they logged into the wrong account. It wasn’t uncommon for people to make a few different trial accounts to try a few different things as a new player.


Then I suggest filing a support ticket so a GM can take a look at it:


Did you just look at skill requirements or actually try to sit in the ship? If the skills shown as missing in the ship info are missing due to the BC skill changes, but you could fly it before, try sitting on it anyway :slight_smile: several BC I use have skills missing in the info but I can still fly them because i’m Ancient :slight_smile:

Maybe try sitting in it?


As an aside, if that works, then the UI was lying to you and it’s a bug, so you should file a bug report about it: (alternatively, push F12 in game)


I’m talking racial destroyer skills, which show as necessary but aren’t because I’m old. It was a well known thing back when they brought in the changes and isn’t a bug I don’t think.

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