Regarding the issue of character skills

I purchased a character on the forum, but now there is an issue with this character

What is the reason for this, and I am an Omega account
Am I being scammed? What should I do

So, what do you have a problem with?
Ship requirement means you just need lvl2.
If its not been one downtime since purchase, not everything may work right.

You definitely should have amarr BC before the battleship

It’s likely an older character. At some point the ship skill tree was very different and if I remember right the main path was: Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship. The Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills were offshoots of this main skill path.

So they trained up Battleship back in the day and never trained up Battlecruiser after the skill tree was changed.

Also if I remember right the gun progression was also weird: T1 smalls, T2 smalls, then T1 mediums, T2 Mediums, then T1 large, etc. So if that character has T2 Large Energy guns it probably has T1 and T2 Small and Medium Energy Guns as well.


Looks like the char is specialized, no Gallente Frig Skills look odd while Interceptor and Interdictor are skilled up to V. Now you have to train some gaps.
So I hope you like to fly Amarr.

Yup, that is correct. Back then Destroyer and Battlecruiser were non-racial (they were odd exceptions). CCP then made them racial, with enough advance warning to allow players to get levels in the Destroyer and BC non-racial skills before the change. I distinctly remember doing that, getting 5 in both, and avoid having to do that 4 times…

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Interesting. Before my time i guess

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2012-03-06 for the devblog with the plans :grin:

On a side note: devs wrote cool devblogs back then

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