What happenes when a skill requirement changes?

I returned to the game after a very long absence. When i left, i alrady had Command Ships trained to V but hadnt got around to sitting in one, so i do not have one available to test myself…

Now i still of course have the skill at V and the Command ship says i have the required skills to fly it. Heres the question though… in the requirements for Command Ships, it says you need Wing Command IV which i do not have at all. Will i be able to fly a Command ship already while i train that up?

You can’t see it in the ship tree? Ships you’re unable to fly aren’t grayed out/transparent’ish for you?
Weird… Sure you aren’t looking at mastery instead of requirements?

Ships have skill requirements.

Skills also can have skill requirements.

As far as I know, you only need the first list to fly a ship.

As long as you have the skill requirements for a ship you can fly it, even if you don’t have all the prerequisites of the skills unlocked for whatever reason (skill changes, extractors).

Thanks, I hadnt even thought to look on the ship tree. We didnt have such things back in my day lol.

They arent greyed out there. I’m thinking because i already had the skill trained before they added Wing Command, i can bypass that requirement and fly the ships then…?

I have other stuff i really need to get trained and a Sleipnir isnt cheap for me so i’m maybe overthinking it

That’s not how it works.
The game does not check for transitive requirements.
So you are not “bypassing” a requirement : this requirement does not exist to start with.

If your ship is modified to require Wing Command IV then you will need this skill level to fly that ship.
If the Command Ship skill is modified to require Wing Command IV then you need this skill level to TRAIN that skill.
And that’s it.

Perfect thanks!

Battleship skill did not originally have Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills as a requirement …But now in order to fly them again I have to train the skills…

Vlad, the picture you shared shows that in order to train Battleships you need to have the prerequisite skills, not to fly the ship.

You already have battleship level 4 and should be able to fly battleships. Can you share a picture of the requirements of one of the battleships itself, rather than the requirements of the battleship skills?

Yea it shows that I can fly them, It just shows that I cant train for them …Even tho I already have the skill trained… But I can Que the skill up and I can finish training to V…
This is b/c they changed requirements after I already trained Battleship… LoL
Which is part of the problem… They change things after they have been in place for years…
This makes it hard for returning players to know what will and will not work till they try something out or ask on here WTH happened…