Advanced Spaceship Command: Inconsistent Requirements

I noticed recently that Advanced Spaceship Command I is required to use freighters, but Advanced Spaceship Command V is required to train the skills to fly freighters. This seems strange to me. If using the ship only requires Lv 1, then why should learning to use the ship require Lv 5?

Are there any other inconsistent training requirements like this?

The skill is applied to the ship so that it benefits form the skill, when the skills were changed they wanted to keep the same time investment for ships so while racial industrial V is no longer there the time requirement still needed to be so Advanced Spaceship Command V took its place.

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I noticed that just recently, too, and it was honestly somewhat confusing to me. I eventually figured out I have to get Advanced Spaceship Command to V just to be able to train Freighter skills but the ship mastery tree might as well have ASSC V as a requirement for Level 1 to make that more clear.

Advanced Spaceship Command V is the giant middle finger from CCP to anyone who wants to jump in a capital ship.

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Just ignore it really.
It is like a sub category shadow of a skill that exists in another category with sometimes a different degree requirement (i,ii,iii,iv,v).

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