Leshak requirements

Before the precursor destroyer and battlecruiser was introduced I had trained precursor battleship. I have never flown one as I was still training for the large weapons. Well I have finally trained for the tech II weapons and was about to fit a ship and noticed that in the simulation it shows I don’t have the skill. So when the newer ships were introduced did the requirements change?

Yeah, unfortunately you’ll need to train level 3 of precursor destroyer and battlecruiser to drive the Battleship now.

I believe if you have the battleship skill already trained you will be able to fit and fly it bypassing the changed requirements similar to when carrier skills were changed.

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Yes, they added Dessie and BC into the list of prereqs. but as Sepheir said, if you already had BS trained, then you’re good. It will say you’re missing skills, but you’ll be fine.

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