Old pilot

i just bought old char with skills to fly thanatos and i can’t do it

That character is missing a LOT of the skills that would be considered necessary to fly a capital.
I’m not sure why you’re getting the error, because it seems you have gal carrier II and capital ships IV trained.
However, you’re lacking pretty much everything else.
No fighter skills, capital Navigation and Engineering are sorely lacking. Armour skills are very light for a carrier pilot.

So what can i do

When you say you bought the character, where did you do it?

Edit: I Found the Sales Thread.

The seller did nothing wrong here and the character was also advertised as a " starter character". He has already injected the skill books that are necessary to fly Caps. You would only have to train the corresponding skill.

but I can’t fly carrier, I can’t train jump fuel conversation and jump drive calibration

In which Clonestate is your Account? Do you have an active Omega Subscription?

The Skillboard shows the Thanatos as flyable.

yup i have omega to 12 january 2024, and ship tree says i can’t

In this case please open a Support Ticket so a Game Matser could take a look and will regulate the Sale.

Train the missing skills?

Also, water is wet.

would you ever sell your Character? i would be interested in learning more about that one

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