I'm looking for a high-sec-only corp in the Amarr area

I’m looking for a high-sec-only corp in the Amarr area. I’m absolutely not up for anything other than high-sec PVE after 13+ years of playing Eve consistently! NO PVP!
So I’m actually looking exclusively for a high-sec corp with war immunity, with more than a handful of active Omega players, no drama, and no ambitions for low, WH, or null sec. I don’t want to be part of something “big”, noooo - I want to shoot NPCs all day (shift work!), with like-minded people. For chilling I also like to do some mining together, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.
You won’t get any ESI or other keys from me, that is NOT negotiable!

What can I offer you:
I don’t care about taxes below 50%, as long as they are spent exclusively for the corp!
My characters have between 190 million and 250 million skill points. I play almost daily and then almost always extensively, i.e. 4-6 hours, on weekends and on holiday almost all day. I am one of the very, very quiet players, I don’t drool or cry all the time. I hate talking, but my headset works and I am able to install and use TS or Discord. However, I have some difficulties speaking and writing English, but reading and understanding is fine so far.
No pet or snot requires my 100% attention at the most inopportune moments (preferably for hours!) - only the doorbell ringing pizza delivery man or DHL driver distract me briefly.
I detest gankers, scammers, pirates and similar characters with all my heart! PVP disgusts me!
In short: Quiet and introverted player with a pronounced sense of justice and a pinch of contempt for humanity, who no longer wants to usurp world domination or win EVE…

Is there a corp out there that fits the above 100%?

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A real team player we have on our hands

Well its Eve. Every playstyle ist fine.

I feel just like you. Pew-pewing NPCs is all I care about. I don’t feel like leaving high-sec at all either.

Good luck in your search.

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