25.5 mil SP searching for some fun high sec PvE corp

Hey guys!

I am a 25mil SP player currently looking for a high sec PvE corp (around Amarr space if possible - or rather not minmatar :wink: ).
Although it would be hard to pretend to be knew on this game, I never considered myself as a true experienced player. At the very least, I am able to take care of myself !

I can run a bunch of level 4 missions with a few factions and I am currently upgrading my standing with every faction I can find. Unfortunately this can get repetitive solo and I would love to be able to do these activities in fleets!

In terms of skills, most of my points are towards flying “smaller” ships. While I am unable to use any ship above BC, I have collected a ridiculous amount of points in all the support skills for frigs and cruisers (Hey! You could do a lvl 4 blockade in a Worm with a bit of motivation and some time to spare :D!)

Anyway! If you are looking for mission runners, I’m definitely up for a chat! Feel free to contact me in game on my character ninouh! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the read! And enjoy da pewpew!


PS: I really like waffles. You’re warned.

would you like to try null?


We are based in Amarr space and currently looking for pilots of all types and abilities no one is to new to join us in our exploits.

Currently our strongest time zone is EU but we do have guys from the US and AU times and looking to extend on all time zones.

If your interested in joining a Corp that is rebuilding and in the early stage of this rebuild then drop into our Recruitment/Public channel.

Royal Chatter


Hi, I would love to tal to you about running some pve content with us. We are a null sec corp that owns our own sovereign space. We are looking for many different roles of players but one of our great needs is more pve pilots.
What we offer is a home that is relatively safe, an active group of guys and girls who spend a lot of time together on comms. We are laid back and understand that RL comes first.
If you have other interest or if you wanted to try pvp we have trainers who teach classes and access to plenty of fleets. If you want to mine we run frequent minning fleets and for indy we have a huge selection of bpo’s and the orp or alliance will buy most of your production.
As for logistics we have several jump freighter pilots and can transport your goods easily. When going on fleet ops we most often provide you with the ships to attend so that you do not have to be concerned about losing your ships.
Thinks about joining us and becoming a Sith Lord today

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