I'm looking for a way to sort market information

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What I’d like to do is see all of the market sales for an entire region and be able to sort by volume. So lets say, if I selected ships, I could sort by the highest volume traded ships for that region. Is there such a way to do this? (Without manually selecting every single ship and looking at it’s volume sold and writing it down)?

You need to mine the raw data I think…maybe others have tools and will be in shortly…

we do have tools. we’ll share them when we’re done using them ourselves.

As far as i know there’s no ingame option to find trade volumes across a number of items. You’d have to find them manually. To make that it easier you could apply the ‘only show available’ filter on the market screen, at regional scope, then scroll through the entries.

Honestly though, once you’ve taken notes for one region you’ll have a milestone to measure against others, making them much more readable at a glance. It’d be worth it if for only a personal entry in your notepad.

There’s also https://www.adam4eve.eu market and industry tools that you might find interesting to play with. Here you can check stuff like transaction volumes across all of New Eden. It was because of this site that i became aware of the concept ‘order depth’, and have since been able to use that knowledge productively.


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I have a tool that does this and much more mail me ingame if Interested.

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