Selling on market away from a trade hub

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baring in mind I have no knowledge on how to access the eve api. I find myself in a backwater system, nearest major trade hub is about 12 jumps away. Without having to look at the history of every single item in eve market to determine what the main things are that sell here, is there an easier way to obtain that kind of data (also accurate).

I hear about marketeers having all these auto updating spreadsheets and applications that interrogate the api to show them all this kind of information, does this stuff exist, and if so is it legal and how can i get it

Short answer: Yes, it’s possible.

Longer answer:
Well, you could easily get a spreadsheet and pull from the API of, say, to get volumes of transactions, then sort to get the higher volume items.

A more involved way to approach it would be to calculate the profit you would make per item (easier if importing from the trade hub, a bit harder to do if manufacturing locally, but both doable), then multiply that by volume of trades, to get the actual isk-value of that item’s total sales. Then invest in supplying the items with the highest value*volume.

The first is “simple”, but low value/high volume items like ammo will be overly favoured and you will miss the rare but valuable items which might overall be more valuable.
The second requires more advanced spreadsheet-fu, but will yield more valuable information.

Longest answer:
That would be where I explain how to use the API and/or supply an example spreadsheet, but that’s too long for now.

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Thanks Erethond, Ill check that link out initially and take it from there

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