Item liquidity data


I would like to know if raw data concerning the liquidity of assets in the different market hub is available somewhere ?

Meaning for each item the number of sell/buy transaction during the last month for instance.

Thanks !

The EVE API definitely has the data but I’m not sure where is best to see it presented but I’m sure this site will be able to provide it in one form or another. Taking the total transaction volume and comparing it to the in-game market history tab and the orders/donchian channel dots would give you a rough estimate.

Here you can see the depth of buy/sell orders that are currently up in a station/region:

This is the sum of the total transactions of each item but I’m not sure whether you can split it up into buys/sells:

Or the data for the hubs themselves:

EDIT: Ah, what you’re looking for can be found on the commodity page for each individual item. The “order item quantity” graph. Obviously you would have to divide the number of transactions by the buy/sell price to get the figure you’re looking for and, again, you can change the range you’re looking at in the top right corner. There are little checkboxes beneath the chart to select buys-to-sells, sells-to-buys or total combined buys/sell:

This site is fantastic although a little overwhelming at first. You can click on the little “HELP” images to get a description of all the different things on each page.


Thanks for your reply and information, I will check this site.

I know that I can found this kind of information in game but I’m looking for data extraction or something like this (I don’t found it in EVE API but I’m not an expert)

Ah, I see. I’m not skilled at the technical side of things either but if you can’t get what you want from that site and need the raw data then you should join this discord and ask in the “Trading-tools” or “eve-tool-dev” channels. The fuzzworks and adam4eve creators are both active there and there are tons of people who make their own tools and know how the API works:

That’s not how you determine liquidity.

It’s a function of the bid-ask spread and the expected profit related to an index. It’s really easy to do if you make an index something with reliable Turn over.


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