Extensive Live Market Data Available

I’m a professional software/infrastructure engineer by trade, so I’ve been having fun with the market APIs. I’ve built a tool that offers near-live (up to 5 min delay) data:

  • Current buy/sell orders at any given location (station/structure)
  • Rolling volume and price average for buy and sell orders by station, system, region, or global, over the past 1, 6, 24, 72, or 168 (1 week) hours.
  • Buy or sell transactions for any given station for any given time range
  • Push-based notifications (GraphQL subscriptions) for new orders, new transactions, etc.

Obviously, this is a lot more than you can just get through the ESI API (which only gives you current market orders, and historical average price/volume data that’s universe-wide). In particular, the ability to get live market details for any single station is pretty awesome. To give you an idea, I’ve recorded 2.5 MILLION market transactions in the past week alone.

I’ve been using this, combined with some shipping price calculators, to identify profitable sets of buy/sell orders in different stations, and it’s been pretty successful.

If anyone would be interested in accessing this data (or any additional data that I might be able to extract), post here or send me a mail and we can talk pricing. It’s surprisingly expensive to continuously run the code and database that processes all this data, but I have a ■■■■ ton of AWS credits so I’m OK with taking ISK in exchange.


Q: Doesn’t Fuzzwork do this?
A: No. Fuzzwork provides aggregate data about current orders, but does not provide data about order transactions (actual items bought/sold, not just “offers” to buy/sell items).

Q: What could I use something like this for?
A: Anything you can come up with.

  • Want a push notification as soon as a buy or sell order gets created above or below a threshold? Done.
  • Want to know what quantity of an item you can realistically sell in Jita before there are no decent buy orders left? Easy.
  • Want to get a push notification when your order gets beat? Could do that too.
  • Want to know what you could sell a set of given items for in Jita at this exact moment? No problem.
  • Want to immediately figure out which trade hub you should ship your goods to for the best price? I can help with that.
  • Pretty much anything that involves market data.

Could this also remove the 5%ers?

5%er are those buy orders the are 0.01isk or massively below the buy order average, or the sale orders in the extreme high end of sell order average.

Maybe even the extremely low sell orders (those designed to manipulate the market?)

There are other things I personally like to see, as the more refined the data and removal of manipulation orders helps set market listing pricing.

That’s why I find the transaction data so much more useful than the orders themselves. It shows data on what actually changed hands at what price, which is the REAL market baseline, not some 0.01 buy order that mess with the averages.

Not sure what you’re meaning by this?

I personal have tried to remove those prices when doing pricing to get a more correct average and not an 0.01 isk weighted average or an out of balance weighted average with sales orders.

It is a hard process to clean the data.

Supposed to be “mess” with the averages, autocorrect :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I mean though. Averages from market orders means nothing, because anyone can create an order. Averages from transactions are far more meaningful because it means someone actually paid that price for the goods.

So to answer your question, yes, my data can give you real, clean data on current or historical averages for any given station, system, region, or the whole universe.

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It should be noted that some transactions can be missed here. If they exist for less than 5 minutes. One of the reasons I don’t do this :smiley:

That’s not to say that it’s not worthwhile though.

Yes, there are certainly limitations and there’s some educated guesswork involved. It won’t catch small orders that exist for < 5 mins, as you said, and we have to do some clever math to try to figure out whether an order most likely expired, was cancelled, or was fulfilled when it disappears from the API. Overall though, it seems pretty accurate when I compare my calculated numbers to the historical API.

If you can provide a copy paste figure 1 digit below my listed orders, bonus if it injects straight into my eve client for me to hit return on. Yeah sure I’ll take a sub from you. PM me a price in game.

I used to do this but could not be bothered with maintenance. I would be happy to pay you for these pushes, sign me up.

Not quite clear on what you’re asking for, could you clarify?

For Eve client interaction, the options are to send you a mail on an event trigger, or to open the market window for a specific item. As far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to open a pre-filled window to create or update a market order.

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