Personal business statistics


As I was a little bit disappointed by CCP personal statistics this year I decided to do it myself.

I’m playing on EVE markets since 2016 and save all my personal data, doing some profitability calculation (as lot of players here!).

Feel free to comment or share questions.

This “stellar” map represent all players I had a transaction with (buy or sell), each bobble is a different player and the size of the bobble represent transactions number with him.

Another map more interesting for me corresponding to my clients (sell order), bobble size represent total transactions amount.

This is the market places where I’m playing (so mainly Amarr !) with corresponding number of transactions (buy and sell).

As I’m not farming anything in the game I’m using flows method for income calculation, so I do it every week since I came on the market on 2016 with 1bn on my wallet for trading.

The chart below shows for each week the total buy orders amount (blue) and sell orders (red).

Very interesting and funny to see that TOP weeks on the market correspond to EVE major event as the “Million Dollar Battle (9-4RP2)” on 2018 with a total exchange of nearly 50bn !

So based on that it’s quite easy to aggregate data on yearly basis, my total income corresponding to the difference between sell and buy


Or build a more detail analytic view on my incomes per month and market place. Very useful for measuring my progress and ability to improve my margins !



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