Market Data Analysis

EVE and market player since 2016 i built some statistics about my buy orders.

Total buy order amount : 3.106.656.653.355 ISK (since 2016)

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Still playing with data …

I dealed with 78.444 different players in New Eden for buying stuffs.

Box size represent total amount buyed, first one is Immor Naari with more than 11bn (Hey guy, I don’t know who you are but it’s time to talk about rabate !).

Color represent total number of items buyed.

If I look at sell orders, I dealed with 25.814 different players in New Eden.

My “best” client is Harper Saraki who buyed to me 15bn, many thanks for that guy !

Box size represent total ISK amount.

Box color represent number of items.

If I look at my historical market order file, knowing that I mostly buy and sell same thinks since several years, it seems that number of market actor has changed.

Each box represent a player.

Red box correspond to my sell orders, it remain more or less the same during 7 years now.

Green box correspond to my buy orders, it’s realy seems that market dealer are less playing since 2 ou 3 years.

Maybe a consequence of changing market rules ?

Net Margin value by year and market place (color) since I’m playing.

As I’m not farming anything (it was not the case at the begining but since 3 years), margin calculation is only the difference between total buy and sell amount.


To be more accurate I should have to take into account market fees (more or less 7%)

Just found PowerBI huh?