Music and market

  1. Option to disable the ‘cave’ like ambient music when going out of high sec, I want to listen to eve music and I live in a null sec corp.

  2. Market data showing how much were sold to buy orders/ how much were sold with sell orders.

  3. Option when inserting price in a buy order the ability to automatically add dots to the amounts like this 1.567.123.879.000, now you will see this until you click and hold the accept button; 1567123879000 when placing an order.

if you hit tab after putting in a price, it’ll format it.


that’s a handy thing I didn’t know you could do, would be neat tho if it format it right from start while your insert numbers as an option, basicly I can spot errors on the course of typing it.
I now format it with click and hold on the accept button but have to double chek it everytime, when typing it and chekking the format after.
I made some pesky errors in the past because of my wireless keyboard or not correctly pressing the numbers.

I’ve been playing since Incarna, and I didn’t know this!

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