Imperial Combat Engineers - Seeks more members!

Hard hat with a hand gun here!

Do you need a place for your indy and PVE alts to make isk while you pew? Do you fall asleep to the hum of mining lazers and get rudely awoken by your structure alarm? Do you like to go loose cheap ships for laughs? Have a Vile Hatred for Pirate Forward Operating Bases?

Come join us! for our General Shanangins!

What we are Looking for!

  • Alpha/Omega accounts
  • Manufacturers, Miners, and General industrial pilots.
  • PVE Mission runners, and Site Smashers!
  • Explorers and WH divers

What we Offer

  • Ore/Material Purchasing program
  • Customized fittings and advice
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Moon mining
  • High-sec Relocation assistance
  • Discord

When applying to join our corp please, submit an application with a brief description of what you are looking for in a corp. The future goals for the character you are applying with. Along with any information about why you left your previous corp and are currently seeking a new corp.


Hey there, returning character…brand spanking new but will add some sp for whatever’s required.

A few new things of content I’m a little unsure of…The citadels and these Trafagalians…I used to do mostly DED sites solo. Need a isk printer again…I humbly offer my services.

Well Hello!

Feel free to drop us an application we can teach you all about citadels, and the New Faction lol fun times!

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